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Planetary Correspondences of Neptune

Not one of the seven classical planets, Neptune plants nevertheless make a good choice if you wish to connect to the divine or do divination that will have revolutionary results (not usually a pleasant experience). However, this planet's influence is also helpful if you are doing magic concerning the sea. Neptune scents are, logically enough, watery in their fragrance.

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Pisces    Blue Water Lily
Coleus blumei
Confederate jasmine
Evodia fruit
Grains of Paradise
Green bulrush
Harding grass
Lobelia (seeds, herb)
Morning glory
Night-blooming jasmine berries
Ocean plants
Perilla leaf
Reed canary grass
White Mulberry

Soft, intoxicating, and gentle plants

Sea plants

Plants that grow in all directions, shooting out at random



Spiritual concepts

What is unclear, illusory, confusing, imaginary, unstructured

Dreams, psychic impressionss








 Watery scents
Chokmah Oil

 Spirituality, connecting to the divine

Discerning the non-physical, dreams, visions, psychic powers


 Please feel free to reproduce the elemental and planetary tables.