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Planetary Correspondences of Uranus

Not one of the seven "known" planets, Uranus rules over violent change and revolution. Its plants tend to be highly unusual or cause shock or purging. Choose Uranus when you are trying to destroy crustified patterns. Pokeweed is a good example of a Uranian plant--it has those bizarre fuchsia stems and it causes purging.

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 Uranus Aquarius    Bryony
Tree of heaven (ailanthus)
Siler root

Oriental and rare plants

Exotic plants with sharp, irregular leaves

Plants that shock or excite the nervous system

Plants that cause paralysis

Purging plants

Plants that ward off lightning

Air plants that need no soil

Plants that have purple or electric blue leaves

Plants that change color in the light

Genetically engineering plants 



Eccentricity, avant-garde, craziness

Destruction of old patterns set up by Saturn

           Magick of tumultuous change, revolution

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