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Swansdown poppyPapaver somniferum
Swansdown Poppy
Here is a beautiful Full Moon with pure white, feathery double flowers up to 5in/12cm wide on stems 2-3ft/60-90cm tall. This variety is also known as a "laciniatum" type--like the peony poppies, the petals are double, but with this variety, they are also deeply fringed. Swansdown blooms all summer into early fall and is good for fresh flowers as well as for dried pods. It's wonderful in the cottage garden.  It is very important with this variety to keep temperatures on the cool side when germinating.  It will not germinate at all over 80F, and the closer to that temp, the less germination you will get.  Info on poppies, including how to grow them. Top

Papaver somniferum
Swansdown Poppy
500 seeds $3.50
Discontinued: try the
Black Peony poppy instead

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