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Salvia apiana in my upstate NY garden 2010Salvia apiana
White Sage
Also known as Grandfather Sage, White Sage is a Jupiter plant that gives a feeling of well-being, expansiveness, and relaxation without dopeyness.  This magick herb is burned to purify and drive away illness and is used as a nerve tonic and mild sedative.  It's a good plant for working on pessimism and diseases that arise from poor judgment and for protecting against negative Saturn influences.  This sage is especially helpful in cleansing spaces where quarrels have occurred.

The Jupiter aspect is seen in this plant's size--it gets from 2-8 feet/60cm-2.4 m tall and about 3 feet/1m wide--but it also has a Moon aspect because of the waxy whiteness of the leaves. You can make your own sage bundles with its leaves.  This is not a culinary sage, although it has been used medicinally; the tea, for instance, is said to be a good antiseptic.  This native of western North America is heavily wild-crafted, so it's a good idea to grow some for yourself and spread its range.

How to grow Salvia apiana:  Surface sow and keep the seeds moist by covering the tray with plastic (you can put it in a plastic food bag, but check regularly).  Seeds should germinate in 2 weeks but can take up to 35 days, and only 35% of seeds typically germinate at a time.  If not, keep at 39F/4C for 2-4 weeks and then put back in 70F/21C.  Transplant to full sun and sandy, somewhat dry soil.  It's perennial in warmer areas where winters don't get much below freezing (zones 7-10) and can stand heat up to 110F/43C.  In colder areas, grow it in a pot and bring it indoors during the winter.  It takes 3 years to produce flowers (which bees love, thus the name, apiana, like apiary).  Once it gets going, it is easy to propagate from half-ripe wood cuttings.  Harvest the leaves after flowering or from May through September and dry loose in a paper bag.  The dry herb stays strong for 2 years.  General growing info. Top


Salvia apiana
White Sage
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