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Salvia azureaSalvia azurea
Blue Sage
This is a nice wild sage to grow instead of garden sage for magical purposes--purification, protection, and divination. The flower essence has been used for grounding. The herb is good for stress, anxiety, and letting go of the past. This North American native has been grown in the UK since 1806, where they grew it to enormous heights in greenhouses. It is not as strong smelling a sage as others, but the scent still keeps deer from eating it. The flowers are sky blue,fairly unusual for a flower, and really perk up a garden. It would fit well in a garden that is not so domesticated looking or in at the back of a cottage garden. Good color combo with pale purple coneflower. Bumblebees and migrating monarch butterflies enjoy the flowers, which are available late in the year, when other nectar sources are not common. Also known as pitcher sage and azure sage.

How to grow blue sage:  Barely cover seeds to germinate in about a week at room temperature. Transplant to full sun. Can grow in sandy or gravelly soil, but needs moisture then. Gets 3-4ft/90-120cm tall  Space about 1ft/30cm apart. You can cut back the stalks halfway in late spring to have a more compact plant with branches that produce more flowers. Otherwise, it tends to produce one tall stalk with flowers and so is good to grow in groups. Too much fertilizer or water makes for a floppy plant. Can root from cuttings in spring. Sky-blue and sometimes white flowers appear in August and September; deadhead to promote more flowers. Cut back after flowering or harvest during bloom and dry. Perennial down to -20F/-29C (zones 5-9).  General growing info. Top


Salvia azurea
Blue Sage
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