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White mustardSinapis alba
White Mustard

This Mediterranean native has spread all over the world because of its usefulness both culinary and magical. Often added to charm bags for protection, white mustard seeds can also be made part of love charms to increase heat. Conversely, they can be incorporated into spells for creating strife, demonstrating that love and hate can have something in common. The seeds are protective against malevolent dead and have been sprinkled on the ground around the grave or on the path or road from the graveyard, as the spirits of the dead are thought to have to stop and count the seeds. In Hoodoo, seeds have also been sprinkled around the bed or house to protect from witchcraft with the same idea that a witch must stop and count all the seeds before getting up to anything. Leland describes an Italian practice of scattering mustard seeds on in the doorway to keep witches out. On account of how prolific this plant can be if left to its own devices, the seeds are also incorporated into fertility magic, and due to its sharpness, mustard is thought to give a person a sharp mind. Because of its heat (hot in the fourth degree, according to Culpeper), mustard is ruled by Mars. Itís a Fire herb associated with Aries.

Mundane Uses

Whole seeds are a good addition to pickle mixes because they help prevent mold, but they only release their flavor if they are ground. The ground seeds of this plant have been combined with wine or vinegar to make a condiment since ancient times. The Romans brought the seeds with them to Gaul. The dijon style mustard has half white mustard seeds and half black (Sinapis nigra) seeds. As a condiment, mustard stimulates the digestive system. Flowers are not large but are bright yellow and very cheerful. They make a nice garnish. Seedling leaves can be eaten fresh on sandwiches. Young leaves can be eaten boiled or stir-fried, but as with many Brassicas, harvest them before the plant flowers; otherwise, they will be too pungent to eat. White mustard is a common green manure and helps repel pests and provide forage for honeybees. I am tempted to quip that this is where honey dijon comes from. :)

How to Grow White Mustard

Barely cover the seeds to germinate in 1 week at 50-60F/10-15C. Itís best to sow this directly in the ground in spring in an area with rich soil and full sun. White mustard flowers throughout the summer. The seeds occur in hairy pods that ripen in late summer/early fall. Harvest them when the pods turn yellow, just before they crack open. It gets 2ft/60 cm tall and 1ft/30cm wide.  General growing info  


Sinapis alba
White Mustard
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Magic
Fertility Spells
Love Magic
Fire/Mars Herb

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