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Magic Essences

I created these alcohol-based natural fragrances for those times when oils, incense, or powders just aren't right. These magic essences are designed in the same manner as magic oils or incense, where scents are chosen based on their ability to evoke or channel specific astral energies (planetary, zodiacal, etc.). They consist of 20% pure natural essential oils in 95% alcohol. That makes them of the same composition as a high quality perfume. The alcohol content helps the fragrance become airborne quickly, but there's no smoke, which can irritate many, and no oil to stain anything. The fragrance will not generally last as long as it does with an oil, but it will be more immediately and powerfully sensed. These essences make a great substitute for incense smoke in charging an item; just put a few drops on. You can add fragrance to ordinary incense (that hasn't been lit yet--this is highly flammable stuff) or to resins or herbs for magical work. They can also be added to ceremonial or ritual cauldrons, oils warmers, ink, poppets, charm bags, paper talismans, magic washes (don't use on animals or children), used as sachets in drawers or chests for magical items, etc. They can even be worn as a magic perfume, although they were not constructed for that purpose. They are not to be ingested and remember, they are highly flammable, so don't drop them on anything lit. I'm starting off with the planetary energies and will do the zodiac next. They are packaged in glass dropper bottles.

Planetary Essences

Organizing energy by planet is enormously helpful in magic. The meanings generally cross cultures, which makes them especially useful.

Planetary Essences
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Get some my own house blend or Agrippa's planetary incense
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Planetary symbol for the SunSun: Warming cedar, citron, and rare olibanum are combined for use in works of general protection, well being, centering, and prosperity.

Symbol for MoonMoon: Dewy violet leaf, geranium, and sweet rosemary are brought together for aiding divination, astral travel, dreamwork, emotional issues, and working on psychic abilities.

Symbol for MercuryMercury: A zingy combinaton of elemi resin, lemongrass, and spicy cardamom help potentiate works involving communication, language, the acquisition of magical skills, gambling, disguise, and dealings with theft.

Symbol for VenusVenus: Flowery but not overpoweringly sweet blend of lemon verbena, orange blossom, and more for love magic, helping enemies overcome differences, building affection, turning away Mars magic, female fertility, and immortality.

Symbol for MarsMars: Spices warm up works of fierce protection, attack magic, physical strength, and male fertility.

Symbol for JupiterJupiter: Glorious balsam and rich spices with nutmeg at the center assist in gaining the favor of those in authority, court cases, justice, politics, and expansion of business or influence.

Symbol of SaturnSaturn: Cypress, mullein, tobacco, and more empower works affirming boundaries, discipline, and connections with the underworld, whether for the purposes of so-called black magic or for simple communication with the dead.