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Traditional and Custom Talismans, Amulets & Pentacles 

Amulets from Alchemy WorksDuring the years he owned Alchemy Works, Harold would sometimes make traditional and custom talismans, amulets, pentacles, and charms for protection, healing, justice, the acquisition of knowledge and skills, divination and dreamwork, meditation and spiritual work, love, wealth and abundance, success in endeavors, favor with important figures, vengeance, or other matters using Kabbalah, grimoires (Key of Solomon, Veritable Key, Sixth & Seventh Books of Moses, Three Books of Occult Philosophy), planetary/astrological magic, or completely custom based upon, for instance, ancient poetry.

Though he has retired from Alchemy Works, Harold still enjoys creating custom works for clients. Please visit Harold's art site to inquire about pricing or to request your custom piece.

Harold's talismans are written in Hebrew, Latin, or Greek using either the traditional letters or a magical alphabet such as Celestial or Malachim, with inks in colors related to the planetary or zodiacal rulership of the work to be done and sometimes with watercolors. They are drawn on archival quality 100% cotton watercolor paper (picture shows Sun kamea on paper). He creates these magical instruments himself. They are NOT printed out on a computer. They have typically been 5"/12.5cm across and come with complete directions for care and use. For regular talismans, prices start around $200. More elaborate talismans are more expensive.
Contact Harold for details or to discuss your specific needs.

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