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Online Tarot Readings
I've been working with the tarot since the early seventies and consider it foundational to my magical practice. I rely on the Thoth deck because for me, it has the most depth and greatest variety of how the cards relate to one another in a spread. I am happy to do readings on various issues and offer several types of readings. All of these include a high definition photo of the spread that I pull and an email with my interpretation of the cards drawn. I don't use any canned info about the cards; all the info you get is specific to that particular reading. The Thoth deck is unusual in that it relies heavily on relationships between the cards in the spread, so there is often astrological information, etc. I will always try to get your reading back to you the same day you order it. As soon as you place your order for the reading, respond to the notice you get from the shopping cart with your question. By the way, you can also ask for a reading without stating a question, and I will just tell you what it says. I often do this for myself; it helps me find out about things I don't notice otherwise.


Focused Question is a basic four-card reading for single questions and covering relatively short lengths of time, like a few weeks to maybe a month or so. The first card indicates what the situation deals with. The second directs you what not to do in the situation or indicates something that is not important (or not YET important) to the situation. The third card tells what you should do in the situation, what is encouraged, or what is important at this time, and the fourth card indicates the outcome. Pretty much any question can be answered with this layout, but not those beginning with "why". This is good for short-term business questions, relationship stuff, money, health, dealing with authorities, and so forth. It is more than yes/no but nowhere near as in depth as the Celtic Cross. Top

Single Question
Four-card layout



Relationship Layout This layout specifically addresses the nature of a relationship between two people using 7 cards laid out in an H. The main card (at the center) indicates the general nature, condition, or theme of the relationship. The top two cards show how the two individuals think about each other and the relationship. The middle two cards indicate the emotional levels of the two individuals with respect to the relationship, and the bottom two cards indicate what the two individuals show to the outside world with respect to the relationship. This layout can't show whether or how a relationship will succeed. It shows the relationship's nature now and what dominates it. Good questions for this layout: How does X feel about me? How do I really feel about X?

Relationship Layout
Seven Cards



Decision Making Layout This layout involves 7 cards laid out in two separate paths starting from the same point. The upper path is the prediction of the outcome for doing X, and the lower path is the prediction of the outcome of not doing X. So it's pretty simply and doesn't allow for a lot of different possible paths. Even so, I have often used this layout myself to decide between to possible paths or choices. I consider that it deals with a time period of several months. Good questions for this type of layout: What will happen if I do X?

Decision-Making Layout
7 cards



Celtic Cross A classic tarot card layout involving 10 cards that can not only go over a situation as it is now, including anything blocking it, its past, and its foundations, but possible progression and outcome in the future. In my opinion, this layout can cover a longer term than any of the others. This layout is good for all sorts of questions but especially is helpful in terms of showing how a situation is rooted, what is interfering with it, and how it might develop. So it is much more in depth than the others.

Celtic Cross
10 cards



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