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Viola tricolor
Like vervain, this magick herb is often incorporated into Midsummer celebrations. It has many associations with the heart: it is traditionally used in love charms, an infusion of the herb was said to mend a broken heart, and the flowers were once a remedy for heart disease. For me, though, the name refers to how I feel when I come upon one of these cheerful little guys.  Just seeing them eases the heart.  In terms of how this herb works--on the heart and skin--this is a Sun plant, but in terms of its use in love and its small but lush beauty, it is all Venus, which is reflected in many of its common names: Love-in-idleness, Cuddle me, Call-me-to-you, Jack-jump-up-and-kiss-me, Meet-me-in-the-entry, and Kiss-her-in-the-buttery. This annual was a staple in medieval gardens. It likes to grow with cultivated plants and blooms spring through fall. Sprinkle it between other larger plants or grow it alone in a pot. Top

How to grow Heartsease. Plant in spring (or in fall in a cold frame).  Barely cover the seed.  It will germinate in 10-14 days at 65-75F. Too much sun kills the seedlings. This plant likes the cool weather of spring best and needs shade and moisture in the heat of summer; a place with afternoon shade and rich soil is good.  Picking off dead flowers to get more, or leave them on to get seeds.  Mature plants are 6-10 inches high.  This plant self-seeds easily and grows well in pots.   General growing info  Top


Viola tricolor
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Medieval Garden Plant

Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Venus Herb
Love Magic

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