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Jet Black PansyViola x wittrockiana
Black Pansy
This plant is the result of a cross between two wild violets. It is used in love magick and rain spells, and is said to attract love if carried. In British folklore, picking this magick herb on a sunny day will make it storm, and picking one of these blossoms with dew on it will cause the death of a loved one--pretty powerful stuff for a plant that some associate with weakness. In the language of flowers, it means "Think of me," probably from its name, which is French for thought. Magickally it can be helpful in reflecting upon a matter or for calming racing thoughts. I have seen some info listing the pansy as a Saturn herb; I am not sure why, although it does grow in partial shade and enjoy coolness. Venus works as an influence, or consider this a Pluto herb, because the bloom is black (Pluto's color) and this plant family is associated with rebirth, a Pluto quality. This would make an especially interesting flower essence. The flowers are edible and slightly sweet; use them to decorate cream cheese or cake frosting. Unlike other black flowers that are more like a very dark maroon, black pansies and black violas really look black. Try planting these pansies in the shape of a black heart, if you're feeling particularly goth. The blooms are 2-1/2 in/6 cm in wide on plants 8"/22 cm high. This flower is also known as Ladies Delight, Stepmother's Flower, cuckoo's heel, and Wittrock's Violet. (Other black flowers). Top

How to grow Pansies. Cool the seed at 35-40F/2-4C for 24 hours before planting. Barely cover with soil, then put a newspaper over the flat and use bottom heat (a water-proof heating pad set on medium and put under the flat works well) to keep soil at 70-75F/21-24C. 60-70% of the seeds will germinate in 10 days. Uncover as soon as they germinate. Transplant to full sun and rich soil that is not too acidic (keep away from pine needles). Seedlings will grow better at cool temps - 45-50F/7-10C. This plant is hardy to zone 5 - not too far north - but it does not like hot summers much either. Deadhead (pick off fading blooms) to get more flowers or let them go to seed for more flowers next year. Mulch with hay in winter or just let them regenerate through re-seeding. This plant is a biennial, so start early to get flowers the same year - 8-10 weeks before putting them outside - or plant them in late summer for bloom in the spring. You can also grow it in pots.  General growing info  Top


Viola x wittrockiana
Black Devil Black Pansy
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