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Contacting Alchemy Works

Hello, and welcome to Alchemy Works. We, Anthony and Aleia, are partners in life and at Alchemy Works, where it's just the two of us. Our metaphysical shop, established online in 2000, specializes in beautiful and fragrant plants, primarily in the form of ritual incense and oil blends. We also offer seeds for herbs traditionally associated with magic/k, herbs and resins for incense making, essential oils, and more.

Our phone number is +1 (607) 737-9250 and our email is We don't follow "regular business hours" since we are often immersed in creating potions, compounding incenses, gathering seeds or herbs, or the many other magical endeavors that require our full attention to complete. But we do try to answer calls and emails on weekdays, so reach out to us any time. If you call, pease leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you. Or email us, which might get you a quicker response. Although we do post to social media, please do not use Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, etc. to contact us about your order (you won't get a reply).

A Short History

Our shop's founder, Harold Roth, author of the acclaimed book The Witching Herbs: 13 Essential Plants and Herbs for Your Magical Garden, and more recently The Magic of the Sword of Moses: A Practical Guide to Its Spells, Amulets, and Ritual, established in the year 2000. He started with seven products and over the ensuing years this site has grown to offer more than 600. Alchemy Works has been online since the beginning and has never had a physical storefront. However, during the past 20+ years we have cultivated relationships with fellow spiritual seekers the world over, and we continue to do so.

Before Harold retired in 2019, he hand-picked Anthony Teth to be his successor. As dear friends and fellow magical practitioners, Harold and Anthony spent over a year training and transitioning the business. Anthony formally took ownership in early 2020, and was joined by his partner Aleia the following summer (after she left her administrative job in order to attend more fully to her creative, spiritual, and embodied life--like many of us did during the covid pandemic). Anthony, Aleia, and Harold remain close friends, regularly spending time in the woods, garden, or around the dinner table, and sharing in magical practice and conversation. (We also love talking about our cats, too!).

Our Vocation

As has been true since the shop opened over 20 years ago, Alchemy Works is a vocation, not a side gig. Attending to the metaphysical (and the physical, too) is the bulk of this business--getting to know plant energies, working in alignment with the seasons, tending to our own spiritual practices, spending time in the natural world, participating in a magical community--all of this influences our work. Everything that we make at Alchemy Works is by hand in very small batches, which is labor and time intensive. It takes a lot of physical effort to crush up the roots and resins in our incenses, all of which is done in a mortar and pestle just an few ounces at a time. Crafting scents that align with our magical intentions (while still smelling good) can take many iterations. As our fellow natural perfumers know, scents change and deepen over time, so even to make a formulation "quickly" takes at least a month and often many more--especially when you're working with the constraints of planetary hours, astrological influences, and seasons.

We take pride in the original formulae used to create our magic oils and incenses. Many of them were initially crafted by Harold, but every day we are experimenting with new blends, occasionally updating the previous ones, and working to meet the magical needs of our ever-changing world. As for our products, we grow some of the seeds in our own garden and some we wild harvest (always with attention to leave plenty for next year's growth and the animals that rely on them). We buy most of our seeds, essential oils, herbs, and resins from high quality wholesalers that we have built relationships with, and we package everything ourselves.

We know that we are deeply fortunate to align our outer work with our inner work through the vehicle of Alchemy Works. We also know that it is our customers who allow us this opportunity. Thank you for giving us your business and for trusting us with your magical needs. Though we do not sell spells, healings, or other workings, we do seek to provide you with beautiful, all natural, intentionally crafted ritual supplies, as well as information, ingredients and tools that can assist in creating your own blends and ritual formulations. We sincerely hope that your experience with our products aligns with our experience of making them, and that our care, intention, and attention provide you with effective tools as you navigate your own spiritual path.

About the Website

Our website offers a wealth of information including folklore, magical and ritual uses of herbs, instructions for growing a magical garden, tips on incense-making, which plants are linked to which planets or aspects of the divine, and more. Yes, it's old and clunky with lots of text--some of our patrons kindly call it "retro"--but it is also an opportunity to slow down, stay a while, and get in touch with what inspires you.

In an attention economy like ours, where distraction drives revenue (every click is a fresh opportunity to advertise), we like to think of our site as a type of resistance. We invite you to treat as a journey back to simpler times, to the dimly lit occult shop on the corner where you felt seen and you belonged, or a beloved used bookstore piled high with dust and potential. If you can't find something, try the search function, or peruse the index pages (linked at the top of each screen). Though it is old, is a treasure trove of valuable information that has aided many a practitioner to deepen along their own unique path (whether or not they made a purchase!). We hope it will do the same for you.

Please note that all text on this site is copyrighted. The information contained here has been gathered through in-depth research, practice, experimentation, and exploration over the course of decades. Although many online shops have selectively "sampled" our content over the past 20 years without our consent, we ask you to honor the ongoing labor of love that providing this information entails by crediting Alchemy Works when you refer to what you have learned here, and by not reproducing anything from this site without our explicit permission.

Wishing you well,
Anthony, Aleia, and the Cats of Alchemy Works

Anthony & Aleia in the woods  Merwyn & Ghita in the ritual room

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Alchemy Works products are offered for use in spiritual, ritual, meditative, and magical practices, not for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. The information on this website is provided for its folkloric, historic, and magical value. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.