Alchemy Works

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Contacting Alchemy Works

The office address is Alchemy Works, 560 Mineral Spring Ave., #3-202, Pawtucket, RI 02860, but this is not a brick-and-mortar shop; everything is online. I am normally here in the office to answer the phone (607-737-9250) from 10-6 Eastern M-F, but if I get involved in something (or if you have your caller id blocked), I won't be able to pick up. Please leave a message in that case. You can always email me at  I do custom oils and incense, so please feel free to let me know what you are interested in. Sorry, I don't have a catalog, and I don't do wholesale. I also no longer accept orders by phone; it just got too difficult. If you're nervous about ordering online, Paypal is great. You can sign up for that and then you never have to give your card number to anyone or even fill out the address stuff, usually. There's lots more info about the ins and outs of shipments and whatnot on the main page.

Alchemy Works has been my vocation for the past 16 years. I make all the oils and incense from my own original formulae. I also grow some of the seeds in my own garden. I buy most seeds, the essential oils, and the herbs from high quality wholesalers I've built relationships with over the years, and I package them all myself. Pretty much nothing comes into my office that I don't work with in some way before sending it out. I've researched and written every page on the site and I believe I bring a lot of quality to my online content about plants and magic, which is why I don't like it being used without my permission.  I also do all the web work, accounting (such as it is), and clerical stuff. Yes, it's a lot, and sometimes I get behind, but you can be assured that what you buy from me will be made from highest quality ingredients with knowledge and care. I thank you for giving me your business and for trusting me with your magical needs.

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