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Contacting Alchemy Works

Hello, and welcome to Alchemy Works! Our phone number is +1 (607) 737-9250 and our email is admin@alchemy-works.com. We try to answer the phone during regular business hours (9-5 Eastern, M-F) but frequently are immersed in creating potions, compounding incenses, gathering seeds or herbs, or the many other magical endeavors that require our full attention to complete. (We also get a lot of spam calls--as does everyone these days--so if your caller ID is blocked we will not pick up.) If we miss your call, please leave us a detailed message and we will get back to you. Additionally, you can always email us, which sometimes will get you a faster reply (again... so many spam calls!).

A Short History

Our shop's founder, Harold Roth, author of the acclaimed book The Witching Herbs: 13 Essential Plants and Herbs for Your Magical Garden established Alchemy Works in the year 2000 as an online-only store. He started with seven items and over the years added over 500 more. Alchemy Works has never had a physical storefront, but over the past 20+ years we have cultivated relationships with fellow spiritual seekers the world over. Though retired, Harold continues to offer online classes in addition to spending much of his time creating beautiful, metaphysical artwork.

Before Harold retired in 2019, he hand-picked his successor, Anthony Teth, and spent a year intensively training Anthony, a dear friend and fellow magical practitioner, to take over Alchemy Works. Aleia, Anthony's partner in life and practice, joined Alchemy Works in 2020 after making the decision to quit her administrative job in order to align her work and spiritual life. Anthony, Aleia, and Harold's friendship continues to be a source of joy, great nature walks, and ongoing magical study and exploration (with lots of conversations about cats too!).

As was true of Harold when he founded this business over 20 years ago, Alchemy Works is our vocation. We own and operate the business, making everything by hand in very small batches. We do not have a catalog and we do not do wholesale--it takes a lot of time and physical effort to crush up the roots and resins in our incenses! It also can take us many iterations to craft scents that align with magical intentions while still smelling fairly good. We do, however, make custom oils and incenses, so if you are looking for something special for a particular ritual or purpose please reach out. The pricing of custom orders varies, but like all our items, we do our best to keep things affordable. If you have questions about our shipping or return policies, check out our main page, which is full of information. If you have other questions, please contact us. We enjoy getting to know our customers and like to learn what place our products have in your lives.

We take pride in the original formulae used to create all of our magic oils and incenses. Many of them were initially crafted by Harold, but every day we are experimenting with new blends, occasionally updating the previous ones, and working to meet the magical needs of our ever-changing world. As for our products, we grow some of the seeds in our own garden and some we wild harvest (always with attention to leave plenty for next year's growth and the animals that rely on them). We buy most of our seeds, essential oils, herbs, and resins from high quality wholesalers that we have built relationships with, and we package everything ourselves. We also do our own design work, website content and editing, social media, accounting--really everything related to Alchemy Works! It's just us, Anthony and Aleia, so we greatly appreciate your understanding and patience. We also sincerely thank you for giving us your business and for trusting us with your magical needs.

Anthony, Aleia, and the Cats of Alchemy Works

A Note About Alchemy Works' Copyrighted Content

Harold, Alchemy Works' founder, has lovingly and carefully populated most of this site's content over the course of decades. As a published author (with another well-researched book on the way), the information contained here has been Harold's livelihood, as it is now ours. Please do not use any of the content on Alchemy-Works.com without explicit written permission.

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