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Alchemy Works Incense & Resins

This incense and these resins, and balsams have historically played a role in Paganism, traditional witchcraft, Wicca, and ceremonial magic/k (sometimes known as black magic). Because they come from plants, they have a depth of scent and a connection to life and the Earth that fragrances made from petrochemicals can never have. My incense is handcrafted according to the apothecary's arte from all natural ingredients, never bought from a factory, and based either on my own recipes or on historically accurate formulae gathered from my own research in works like the Ebers papyrus or Dioscorides' Materia Medica. I go out of my way to provide the best instead of relying on what a franchise supplies because good ingredients potentiate magical works. I've gradually shifted my packaging for the incenses I make myself from jars to tins, because they are lighter (which makes for cheaper shipping for you) and they are reusable; they also seem to work well for preserving the freshness. My incense is measured by weight, not by volume; this means more incense for you. Do you need an incense created for a specific ritual, deity, or festival, or are you looking for an incense ingredient not listed? Just ask. There are many more botanicals, including other fragrant woods like red and white sandalwood and cedar, that make excellent natural incense in the herb section.

Abramelin Incense - in Two Versions

Agrippa's Incense
based on his Three Books of Occult Philosophy

Algol Incense



Angelic Incense (Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, & Uriel--Golden Dawn Style)

Asafoetida, Pure

Asphaltum (Carabe)  

Babalon Incense


Baphomet Incense

Bat's Blood Incense

Beloved Dead


Black Arts

Black Dragon

Black Mass NEW

Black Veil

Burgundy pitch

Church Incense


Copal resin

Crowley's Tetragrammaton


Dark Harvest Incense

Dragon's blood - Two premium types




The Fates Incense


Galbanum Resin

Gnostic Mass Incense

Green Man

Gum Ammoniac

Gum arabic

Gum mastic

Hekate Incense

Holiday Incense

Homunculus Incense

Indigo, Genuine


Kyphi, Dioscorides'  

Kyphi, Edfu

Kyphi, Galen's  

Lucrum Prosperity Incense

Mary Magdalene Incense


New Moon




Planetary Incenses, House Blend  

Pomba Gira

Queen of the Witches

Rose Resin Incense

Saffron Incense


Sanguis Draconis Incense

Satyr Incense

Set Incense

Seven Roots Incense


Tagriel Incense - Love & Affection

Temple Incense

Wisteria Incense

Witch's Lust Incense

Zodiacal Incenses  

  Mixing up your own incense? A Braun or Cuisinart coffeegrinder will work as a resin grinder (Mr. Coffee isn't strong enough). It will poop out eventually, but at $20-30 it is much cheaper than the larger herb grinders made for the task. Forget about using it to grind roots or woods, though. Sugar makes for extra smoke and sweetens incense; honey works well for this and as a binder (bees are a Mars insect). Bits of dried fruit soaked in a bit of wine to plump them and make them easier to mash are nice for binding powdered resins--they contain sugar as well as a scent of their own and are especially good for Venus blends. Wine is also Venus, although you might consider it Dionysian. When working with labdanum, heating it slightly will make it runny, and you can also try pouring it onto wax paper and putting it into the freezer. You can then take it out and crack it apart if you work quickly. To get labdanum or storax off your hands, try Orange Goop. You can get them off glass with any oil.

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