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Magic Oils for Ritual and Witchcraft
100% Natural - No Mineral Oil, Fragrance Oils, or Synthetics - All Original Formulae

Abramelin Oil (French, German, and Crowley)

Ambergris (Faux) Oil

Angelic Oils, Golden Dawn Style

Anointing Oil

Artemis of the Mountaintops Oil

Babalon Oil

Baphomet Oil 

La Belle Femme Love Oil

Oil for the Beloved Dead

Binah (Crone) Oil

Black Arts Oil

Bone Flower Necromancy Oil

Cemetery Moon Oil

Ceres Oil

Chesed (Jupiter) Oil

Chokhmah (Neptune) Oil

Clearing Oil

Crone Oil

Crow's Cordial Oil

Dark of the Moon Oil

Dragon's Blood Oil

Dream Oil

Egyptian Nuit Oil

Elemental Air Oils: Four Types NEW

Elemental Fire Oils - Four Types

Evocation Oil


Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Flowers of Evil Hexing Oil

Foreign Devil Oil (for Set)  

Full Moon Oil

Galbanum Oil

Geburah (Mars)

Gift Card

Grounding Oil

Hades the Unseen (Oil)

Heart of Saturn

Heart of Sun NEW

Hekate the Saffron-Robed (Oil)

Herbs of Venus Oil


Hermes' Favor (Luck) Oil

High Altar Oil

Hod (Mercury) Oil

Horned God Oil

Hunter's Oil

Jupiter, Oil of

Justice Oil

Kether (Pluto) Oil

Kiss of Aphrodite Oil

Kitchen Witch Oil

Kyphi Oil

Lilith's Delight

Lucrum Prosperity Oil

Magdalene Initiatrix Oil

Maiden's Balm Oil

Malkuth Oil

Mercury, Oil of 

Moon, Oil of

Moonfire Oil NEW

Netzach (Venus) Oil

Nuit Oil (Egyptian and Thelemic)

Open Roads NEW

Pomba Gira

Psychopomp Oil

Queen of the Night

Queen of the Witches

Sacred Lotus Oil

Sacred Madjet Oil

Sanctuary Rose Oil

Saturn Oil

Scarlet Lady, an Oil for Sekhmet

Seven Aromatics, Agrippa's NEW

Shapeshifter Oil

Shield of Mars Protection Oil

Spikenard Oil

Strawberry Moon Oil

Strigoi Oil

Sun Oil

Third Eye Oil

Tiphareth (Sun) Oil

Toadstool, Spirit of

Uncrossing Oil

Uranus Oil NEW

Van Van, Not Your Mother's

Waning Moon Oil

Witchwood Oil NEW

Yesod [Shaddai/Moon] Oil

Unlike most magic oils on the market, mine contain no dyes, no synthetic fragrances, no chemical extenders like DPG, and no mineral oil. They are made of natural plant products--either raw herbs and resins and/or essential oils--in a base usually of jojoba, sometimes of olive oil. Because they contain no fragrance oils or synthetics, their scent tends to be both more subtle and more complex than synthetic fragrances. After being applied, the scent can linger for a couple hours; only synthetic fragrances last all day. Why don't I use any synthetics, which are stronger, more predictable, and come in flavors like "metallic" and "ocean"? Because we haven't evolved to tolerate them (so they can have a lot of health issues for us), because I like the smell of real plants, because plant products change with climate and location (so each ingredient has a personal history), and because plant scents can help us tune in to the currents of magic. Scent feeds the soul. Junk food is okay sometimes (I personally love Nag Champa stick incense, which is "choke" full of synthetics), but for a steady diet, choose natural.:)

Since these oils don't use alcohol to carry off the scent, they need warmth to release their fragrance--such as when they are applied to a candle, skin, or dropped in hot water. I go for 20-25% fragrance content per volume, which is perfume strength. This is fine for healthy adults as a dab-on, but don't smear them all over, ingest them or rub on wounds, children, or other animals. All these oils can be used for anointing, dropped into simmering pot pourri to release their scent, or even worn as subtle natural perfumes (not for sensitive skin). See How to use magick oils. These oils are not for scenting soaps or massage oils.

These magic oils are created from my own original recipes based on planetary magic and my knowledge of scent. Some of them had 20 or more versions before I settled on the one offered here. Most are compounded of the highest quality essential oils, but a few are made using the age-old method of maceration of raw materials, where herbs and resins are ground and soaked in the carrier oil. When designing and making these oils, I aim for a result that will best aid and please the sorcerer or witch. I try to put myself in the moment--so for the Moon oils, I put myself outside during the particular phase of the Moon and try to recreate in scent the emotions and spiritual aspects of that moment. I consider that any spiritual endeavor should be carried out with the greatest attention to the aesthetic component. I am confident that these oils will work well for your magical purposes, giving pleasure not only to the spirits but to you, the magic worker. However, as is the norm in the trade, oils are not returnable. For the vegans and animal-lovers out there, the only animal-sourced ingredients I use in these oils are beeswax absolute and butter CO2 extract. Top

If you need an oil made up for a specific ritual, deity, or festival, let me know. I am always creating new oils.

2006, 2018 Harold A. Roth; No reproduction without permission