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Alchemy Works Magic Oils for Ritual and Witchcraft
Original Formulae • All-Natural & Synthetic-Free
No Dyes, Chemical Extenders, Synthetic Fragrances, or Mineral Oils

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Plant scents help us tune in to the currents of magic, which is why we use only natural ingredients in our blended oils. Unlike synthesized fragrances, scents made from actual plants change with climate and location. Carrying the cycle of life, death and rebirth, each botanical ingredient has a living past far beyond the walls of a factory. We hand blend each of our oils using combinations of the highest quality essential oils, absolutes, CO2 extracts, and/or macerated plant materials. Unless otherwise noted, we use organic fractionated coconut oil as the carrier. Our original recipes have taken numerous iterations to perfect (sometimes years), although we do draw inspiration from various traditional sources. Many of our blends contain macerated infusions, often from plants we've grown or wild-harvested ourselves. We craft our oils in very small batches, paying close attention to the aesthetic component as well as to the intent. We trust that these oils will work well for your magical purposes, giving pleasure not only to the spirits but also to you, the magic worker. For more information about how to use our magic oils click here.

Abramelin Oils - French, German, and Crowley

Agrippa's Seven Aromatics Oil

(Faux) Ambergris Oil

Anointing Oil

Artemis of the Mountaintops Oil

Babalon Oil

Baphomet Oil 

Bat's Wing Oil - Elemental Air

Oil for the Beloved Dead

Binah (Crone) Oil

Black Arts Oil

Bone Flower Necromancy Oil

Bonfire Oil - Elemental Fire

Cemetery Moon Oil

Oil for Ceres

Chesed (Jupiter) Oil

Chokhmah (Neptune) Oil

Clearing Oil

Crow's Cordial Oil

Dark of the Moon Oil

Dove's Wing Oil - Elemental Air

Dragon's Blood Oil

Dream Oil

Egyptian Nuit Oil

Elemental Air Collection

Elemental Fire Collection

Ember Oil - Elemental Fire

Empress Oil

Evocation Oil

Exu, Oil for*

Fiery Wall of Protection Oil

Flame Oil - Elemental Fire

Flying Oil - Herbal

Flying Oil - Night Blooming (Floral)

Foreign Devil, an Oil for Set  

Full Moon Oil

Gabriel (Water) Angelic Oil

Geburah (Mars) Oil

Golden Dawn Style Angelic Oils

Grounding Oil

Hades the Unseen

Heart of Saturn

Heart of Sun*

Oil for Hekate the Saffron-Robed

Herbs of Venus Oil

Oil for Hermes

Hermes' Favor (Luck) Oil

High Altar Oil*

Hod (Mercury) Oil

Horned God Oil

Hunter's Oil

Inks - Bat's Blood, Black Nightshade, Butterfly's Blood/Saffron, Dove's Blood, Dragon's Blood

Oil of Jupiter

Justice Oil

Kether (Pluto) Oil

Kiss of Aphrodite Oil

Kyphi Oil

Lucrum Prosperity Oil

Magdalene Initiatrix Oil

Malkuth (Earth) Oil

Oil of Mercury 

Michael (Fire) Angelic Oil 

Oil of Moon

(Vegetal) Musk Oil

Netzach (Venus) Oil

Nuit Oil - Egyptian and Thelemic

Open Roads Oil

Planetary Essences - Set of Seven

Oil of Pluto

Oil for Pomba Gira*

Psychopomp Oil*

Queen of the Night Oil

Queen of the Witches Oil

Raphael (Air) Angelic Oil

Raven's Wing Oil - Elemental Air

Sacred Lotus Oil

Sacred Madjet Oil

Sanctuary Forthwith Protection Oil

Sanctuary Rose Oil

Saturn Oil

Scarlet Lady, an Oil for Sekhmet

Scryer's Milk

Sensuality Forthwith Oil

Seven Aromatics Oil

Shapeshifter Oil

Shield of Mars Protection Oil*

Smoke Oil - Elemental Fire

Sparrow's Wing - Elemental Air

Strawberry Moon Oil*

Oil of Sun

Third Eye Oil

Tiphareth (Sun) Oil

Spirit of Toadstool Oil

Uncrossing Oil

Uranus Oil

Uriel (Earth) Angelic Oil

(Not Your Mother's) Van Van Oil

Virya - Strength & Fortitude Oil -

Waning Moon Oil

Wisdom Oil

Witchwood Oil

Yesod (Shaddai/Moon) Oil

Yule/Winter Solstice Oil

Because Alchemy Works magic oil blends contain no fragrance oils or synthetics, their scent is more subtle but also more complex. After being applied, it can linger up to a few hours (only synthetic fragrances last all day). Our oils need warmth to release their full fragrance, such as when they are applied to a candle, dropped in hot water, or placed on a heat diffuser or incense warmer set to low. Skin will carry their scent—try rubbing a drop or two between your hands to bring it out quickly—and our oils can be used as subtle natural perfume. Because our blends are perfume strength, which is fine for healthy adults as a dab-on, they should not be smeared all over (as you would with a massage oil). Alchemy Works oils should not be ingested or rubbed on wounds, and oils blended at this strength should never be used on children or animals. As is the norm in the trade, Alchemy Works magic oils are not returnable. For more information about how to use our magic oils click here.

* Our oils are vegan-friendly except for those marked with an asterisk (*), which contain beeswax absolute and/or honey. Top

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Alchemy Works products are offered for use in spiritual, ritual, meditative, and magical practices, not for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. The information on this website is provided for its folkloric, historic, and magical value. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.