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Waning MoonWaning Moon Oil
This oil was crafted to represent the energies of the waning Moon, when one shifts away from the brightness of the Full phase to a more inward, internal and occult (in all its senses) perspective. During this phase, roots stretch deep, and nutrients are pulled down from the upper parts of a plant. We can think of this as energy that is moving toward Earth, and thus grounding, so it can represent a time of turning from the mental to the physical, or moving from an Airy dislocation to an Earthy solidity. But it can also mean a time of looking toward the Dark Side, to the hidden, to the occult, to the esoteric, and so would be handy for working with or developing new types of ritual or new magickal skills, for investigating the subconscious anew or for the first time, for looking into the past, for developing aspects of the self that are just below the surface or for trying to iron out aspects that are perhaps not pleasant or wanted (as plants can use this time to shuck off their aerial parts and hunker down in the roots, building what's important). This oil is made by maceration in sweet almond oil of Thai cardamom, mugwort, clary sage, black poppy seed, and orris root. Camphorous scents are Moon-associated and help us connect to a Moon energy that is more stimulating than sedating. I've worked hard in all the Moon phase oils to find natural sources for camphor scents that provide more complexity than is possible to get from camphor resin. Thai cardamom is the most camphorous in scent of the cardamoms and is rarely found in the West. Mugwort is a classic herb of the acquisition of knowledge through "sinister" means--divination, dreams, investigation the subconscious. Clary sage soothes anxiety and quiets the high vibration of Air states, good for when you are trying to pull back to Earth, yet because it is also helpful in divination, it doesn't lock us to the ground. Black poppy seeds are included because of their Moon association and in particular, their connection to the darker Moon aspects as opposed to the white poppy seeds. Orris root has a long Moon association. It works well as a fixative and as a root has a special function in this oil in helping with drawing inward, grounding, and bringing up hidden energy. This oil's scent has a coolness that I associate with Waning Moon time. It is a wonderfully camphorous smell totally unlike the piercing scent of camphor resin. Beneath that is the slight muskiness and sweetness of the clary sage and mugwort. The black poppy seeds and orris root add a little smoothness and a very slight sweetness. This oil comes on strong and then withdraws to a lingering floral delicacy from the orris root, very much in keeping with the feeling of Waning Moon. I hope it will help you in your Work. Top


Waning Moon Oil
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