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Essential Oils for Magic & Perfumery

We strive to provide the highest quality essential oils and have selected them especially for working magic. As such, these oils are offered for use in spiritual, ritual, meditative, and magical practices, not for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. As spiritual practitioners ourselves, we understand that good ingredients potentiate magical works. Our reputable wholesalers work with distilleries doing their best to source plants that are grown and harvested with a commitment to sustainable and ethical practices. If we are not able to source an oil that satisfies our personal standards for ritual practice, we will not sell it.

Our essential oils are packaged in 5 ml amber glass bottles with an orifice reducer that allows you to measure by the drop. Prior to working with them, please review the below safety considerations, or visit our Using Essential Oils page for more information. Alchemy Works essential

Allspice (Mars)  

Amyris (Jupiter)  

Balsam of Peru (Oil) (Sun)

Balsam of Peru (Resin) (Sun)

Balm of Gilead (Fire) (Balsam Fir)

Benzoin (Sun)

Bergamot (Sun) (Bergaptene-Free)

Black Pepper (Mars)

Blood Orange (Sun)

Calamus (Sun)

Camphor (Ravintsara) (Moon)

Caraway (Mercury)

Cardamom (Mars)

Cedarwood (Sun) (2 varieties)

Chamomile, Blue  (Moon)

Cinnamon Bark (Sun)

Clary Sage (Moon)

Clove Bud (Sun)

Coffee (Mars)

Copal Balsam (Jupiter)

Coriander Seed (Mars)

Cumin (Fire)

Cypress (Saturn)

Elemi (Mercury)

Fennel, Sweet (Mercury)

Fir, Silver   (Fire)

Frankincense (Sun)

Galbanum (Earth)

Ginger (Mars) 

Grapefruit, Red   (Jupiter)

Hemlock, Eastern (Sun)

Hyssop  (Jupiter)

Jasmine (Venus) (Sambac, Abs. 10%) 

Juniper Berry (Jupiter)

Laurel Leaf (Sun)

Labdanum Resin (Sun) (Rockrose)

Lavender (Mercury) (French Mailette)

Lemon (Sun)

Lemongrass (Mercury)

Mastic (Mercury)

Mugwort (Moon)

Myrrh (Mars)

Myrtle (Venus) 

Niaouli (Air)

Oakmoss (Earth) (Abs. 10%)

Olibanum (Sun)

Opoponax (Pluto)

Palmarosa (Venus) 

Patchouli (Earth)

Pennyroyal (Venus) 

Pepper, Black (Mars)

Pepper, Pink (Mars)  

Petitgrain Bigarade (Sun)

Pine, Forest (Saturn)

Rose (Venus) (Damask, Abs. 10%)

Rose Geranium (Venus)

Rosemary (Moon) (ct Verbenone)

Rue (Mars) 

Silver Fir   (Fire)

Spikenard, Green (Earth)

Star Anise (Moon)

Storax (Resin) (Moon)

Sweet Fennel (Mercury)

Turmeric (Fire)

Valerian (Earth)

Vetiver (Earth)

Wormwood (Mars)

Yarrow, Oranic Blue (Venus) 

Ylang Ylang (Venus) 

Safety Considerations

Essential oils are highly concentrated plant extracts and should always be handled with appropriate caution and respect. Essential oils should never be ingested, nor should they be used internally (such as in the mouth or other mucus membranes).

Always dilute essential oils using a dilution ratio that accounts for the intended application of the oil and the specific needs of the user (e.g., age, underlying health conditions, medication and supplement use, etc.), and do a patch test before topical application.

Animals (especially cats) are sensitive to essential oils and can suffer adverse reactions if exposed to them (including via inhalation from a diffuser or oil warmer). Although toxicity varies depending on the specific oil, it is best not to use essential oils around your pet familiars unless you've consulted with your veterinarian.

Always consult a healthcare provider before using essential oils during pregnancy, or on or around infants and children.

To preserve effectiveness and decrease the risk of adverse reactions, store essential oils in a dark, cool place (or refrigerator) in firmly sealed brown bottles.

Please note that there is no such thing as "therapeutic grade," "grade A," or "certified pure therapeutic grade" essential oil. There is no grading system in the essential oil industry. Neither the FDA nor any other agency is in charge of regulating or certifying essential oils. Read more in
Using Essential Oils.

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Alchemy Works essential oils are offered for use in spiritual, ritual, meditative, and magical practices, not for medicinal or cosmetic purposes. The information on this website is provided for its folkloric, historic, and magical value. It is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment.