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Essential Oils for Magic & Perfumery

These are high quality oils that have a much greater richness and complexity than cheap ones. All my essential oils come in dark glass bottles with an orifice reducer that allows you to easily measure by the drop. The size is 5 ml, which is a little more than 1/5 of an ounce and about 1.5 drams. This size means you can afford to try more different oils and to use higher quality--and your work gets the best. I've selected these hard-to-find oils especially for working magic--you can use them to create the vast majority of the magick oils listed in Cunningham's book, for instance--but they are also top-notch for making natural perfumes. Please note: There is no such thing as "therapeutic grade" essential oil, "grade A" essential oil, or worse, the new and even more bogus "certified pure therapeutic grade" essential oil: there is no grading system in the essential oil industry, neither the FDA nor any other agency is in charge of certifying essential oils, and anyone who claims this on their site is either deliberately lying to you to get you to buy their junk or they are ignorant. If an oil is "certified organic," it is the process of making the oil and the original herb stock that is certified. I sell high quality oils from reputable wholesalers who don't adulterate and who don't make bogus claims. Read more about these issues in Using Essential Oils

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Allspice (Mars) 

Balsam of Peru (Sun)

Balm of Gilead, Organic (Fire)

Benzoin (Sun)

Bergamot, Organic (Bergaptene-Free) (Sun) NEW

Black Pepper, Organic (Mars)

Blood Orange Organic (Sun)

Calamus (Sun)

Camphor (Ravintsara), Organic (Moon)

Caraway, Organic (Mercury)

Cardamom, Organic (Mars)

Cedarwood, two varieties (Sun)

Chamomile, Organic Blue  (Moon)

Cinnamon Bark, Organic (Sun)

Citron (Sun) NEW

Clary Sage, Organic (Moon)

Clove Bud, Organic (Sun)

Coffee (Mars) NEW

Copal Balsam (Jupiter)

Coriander Seed, Organic (Mars)

Cumin, Organic (Fire)

Cypress, Organic Saturn)

Elemi (Mercury)


Fir, Silver, Organic   (Fire)

Frankincense (Sun)

Galangal (Mars)

Galbanum (Earth)

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Ginger, Organic (Mars) 

Pink Grapefruit, Non-sprayed  (Jupiter)

Hemlock, Eastern (Sun)

Hops (Sun)

Hyssop  (Jupiter)

Jasmine (Venus) 

Juniper Berry, Organic (Jupiter)

Laurel Leaf, Organic (Sun)

Lavender, Organic French "Mailette" (Mercury)

Lemon, Organic (Sun)

Lemongrass, Organic (Mercury)

Mastic (Mercury)

Mugwort (Moon)

Myrrh (Mars)

Myrtle, Organic (Venus) 

Niaouli, Organic (Air)

Oakmoss (Earth)

Olibanum - Regular & Black (Sun)

Onycha Water  

Opoponax (Pluto)

Palmarosa (Venus) 

Patchouli, Organic (Earth)

Pennyroyal (Venus) 

Petitgrain Bigarade (Sun)

Pine, Forest Saturn)

Pink Pepper (Mars)  

Rose (Venus)  

Rose Geranium, Organic (Venus) 

Rosemary, Organic (Moon)

Rue (Mars) NEW

Spikenard (Earth)

Star Anise (Moon)

Storax (Moon)

Strawberry Bouquet of Essential Oils (Venus)  

Sweet Fennel, Organic (Mercury)

Tansy, Blue (Venus) 

Turmeric (Fire)

Valerian (Earth)

Organic Vetiver (Earth)

Wormwood (Mars)

Yarrow (Venus) 

Ylang Ylang, Organic (Venus) 

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