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Plant grown from my own seedsWhether you practice witchcraft, ritual magick, or simply enjoy unusual incense, oils, herbs, and seeds, you will find something here of interest. All of our products have traditionally played a role in ancient or modern Earth-based spirituality (Paganism) and magic; many are traditionally used in witchcraft and sorcery. You can learn how to create a spiritual garden, which plants are linked to which planets or aspects of the divine, and how each botanical has been used in a spiritual context, be it spells, rituals, or worship. The informational links can show you paths to further develop your wortcunning. So stick around and enjoy, and if there is anything you want that you don't see on my site, let me know.  

Signed copies of my book, "The Witching Herbs," are now available. This is a work of years and covers 13 of the most commonly used herbs in witchcraft, from poppy to mandrake. It is the product of my 30+ years of gardening and working with plants spirits and contains detailed information on germinating, cultivating, harvesting, and working with these plants.

Go to planetary correspondence chart Click on Saturn to find out how plants  relate to the planets, aspects of the divine, and elemental forces. Each page includes information about associated deities, tarot cards, numbers, letters, and much more.With the help of this info, you can learn how to recognize for yourself the influences on plants you encounter.

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 "A society of people who are responsible for their own health and able to gather or grow their own medicines is a hard society to rule." --from This Is Anarcho-Herbalism

All text on this site copyrighted Harold A. Roth, 2001. No reproduction in whole or in part without permission.


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Online: You can pay by credit card or Paypal online. The server where you enter your credit card info is secure. I no longer accept orders by phone. It just got too crazy..Top

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Yes, I do ship internationally, with a choice of priority mail (which involves some tracking) or air mail (no tracking information, although I do obtain proof of mailing). You can use a credit card or Paypal with our shopping cart. No sales to ISRAEL (due to customs seizures), Indonesia, Jamaica, Haiti, Malaysia, Nigeria, Yemen, Poland, South Africa, or "West Africa." No shipping to freight forwarders, period. Seed orders to Australia and NZ are usually seized by your customs department, so don't waste your money; in contrast, other items seem to get through fine..
Canceling an order: Please notify me by email or phone to cancel an order. If it has already been mailed out, it cannot be canceled. Top


Domestic Shipping: Order go out in a couple of weeks, but if you need an order sooner, call us at (607)737-9250 or email me to let us know. All domestic orders go by priority mail, which includes tracking and a delivery confirmation. Seed shipping is a flat rate, whether you buy one pack of seeds or one hundre. Shipping prices include the cost of the packaging materials and an hourly wage for the worker. I have worked hard to ensure that I use biodegradable materials as much as possible. Mailing boxes are postal priority mail or plain cardboard; the return address is mandatory for the post office but only reads "Alchemy Works" and street address. Top
International shipping: Orders go by Air Mail (Global Priority Mail is no longer feasible for inexpensive items like seeds, as it starts at $11.00 now!). You can elect to have your order go priority mail international, and if I am able to, I will bump it up to Express if it is the same price (sometimes it is). There is no tracking available on international orders that are not sent by priority or express mail. I am sorry, but I can't refund your money if your order is lost or seized or even if it is returned to me by your Customs department, since by that time, it has usually sat around in a warehouse for a month and is no longer in saleable condition. A Customs form is on the package (which reads "horticultural seeds" for seed orders, "potpourri ingredients" for other items). Please note that orders shipped to Australia and New Zealand are highly subject to seizure, and there are no refunds for customs seizures. A few years ago, a large seed order was seized by Canadian Customs for not having a phytosanitary certificate, but that is not the norm, although it does typically take 2 weeks for an order to make it through Canadian Customs, especially out west. Also, Canada prohibits the sale of a number of different dried herbs that are legal to buy and sell in the US. In some countries, like the UK & Canada, you have a pay a duty on imported goods; I usually indicate a value of $3.00 for all international purchases unless insurance is required, in which case the actual retail cost is indicated. Because of problems with credit card fraud and/or unreliable postal systems, I can't ship to Israel, Indonesia, Jamaica, Malaysia, Haiti, Nigeria, South Africa, or "West Africa." Top

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Back Orders: If I am out of an item, you will not be charged for it, and it will not be sent later (backordered) unless you agree beforehand. I try to keep up with what is out of stock and delete the purchase button when I am out of something, but I also now notify people when something comes in that they want if they let me know. You'll see "click here to be notified" on those web pages. Top 

Refund & Return Policy: If anything you buy from Alchemy Works is problematic, let me know by email or by calling me at (607)737-9250, 10-6 pm ET M-F (closed weekends), and we will work things out.  I will refund you for items if they are returned with my authorization in 30 days and in a condition in which they can be resold. However, as is the norm in the trade, we cannot accept any returns on oils. Top

Special Orders:  If you are looking for a custom oil or incense, let me know. Likewise, if you need seeds, herbs, resins, essential oils, or waxes that I do not carry, let me know by email or phone at (607)737-9250 10-6 pm ET M-F (closed weekends).  Top

Samples: Freebies are often included in orders over $40. If you are ordering over $40 and would like to try something, make a note of it in the box on the order form, and I'll do my best to accommodate your request.

Catalog:  There is no catalogs. Much of the info on the site about some of the witching plants is in my book entitled "The Witching Herbs." click here.  Top

Privacy & Security: I will never sell or give away your personal information. You will not receive any unsolicited mailings or be signed up for any lists unless you expressly ask (like to be notified when a particular product you're looking for comes in). Your credit card number is stored briefly on a secure server run by one of the largest credit card processors in the world and is then deleted; using a credit card online is safer than using it in a restaurant or department store. Orders read "Alchemy Works" on the outside, no pentagrams or such like. Information about an order cannot be given out to anyone except the individual who placed the order. The shopping cart uses cookies to keep track of what is in it so that you don't have to refill it if you leave the site and come back later. It does not track your movements in any way. Top