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Zodiacal Incense for Magical Work


Our Zodiacal Incenses focus on magical work as well as simply celebrating the characteristics of each sign. The choice of ingredients for this collection is based partly on Agrippa, partly on Golden Dawn, and partly on our knowledge of the scents that accord with the deep planetary energies of the signs. As is true for all our incenses, each of these blends is hand-compounded using all-natural ingredients.













Aries Aries Incense: Consecration

A blend of typically martial myrrh, bloody dragonsblood, hot cassia, warm allspice, and sweet, spicy mace, this incense is helpful in consecration. Ruled by Mars. Element: Fire. Tarot Trump: The Emperor. Typical deities: Mars and Minerva. Animals: Ram and owl. Plants: Tigerlily and Geranium. Top

Aries Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Taurus Taurus Incense: Strength & Courage

Composed of balsamic benzoin, fiery pepper, rosy storax, and more, this incense aids in rituals for strength and courage. Ruled by Venus. Element: Earth. Tarot Trump: The Hierophant. Animal: Bull. Plants: Mallow and large trees. Top

Taurus Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Gemini Gemini Incense: Prophecy & Astral Travel

Invigorating anise, perfume of coriander, uplifting lavender, fresh mastic, bitter wormwood, citrusy bergamot, and more combine in this incense to help in developing the skill of prophecy and for rituals involving astral transportation. Ruled by Mercury. Tarot Trump: The Lovers. Typical deities: Castor and Pollux; Janus. Animals: Magpie, zebras, and mixed breeds. Plants: Orchids and hybrids. Top

Gemini Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Cancer Cancer Incense: Enchantment & Glamours

Resinous sandarac, purifying hyssop, cool camphor, mossy geranium leaf, and onycha make for an incense good for enchantment and creating glamours/illusions. Ruled by Moon. Element: Water. Tarot Trump: The Chariot. Typical deities: Mercury; Lares et Penates. Animals: Crab, Turtle, Sphinx, Whale. Plant: Lotus. Top

Cancer Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Leo Leo Incense: Animal Magic

This incense is composed of purifying frankincense, lightly resinous olibanum, and our own natural amber. It's helpful in animal magic. Ruled by the Sun. Element: Fire. Tarot Trump: Strength. Typical deity: Venus. Animals: Lion, Cat, Tiger, Serpent. Plant: Sunflower. Top

Leo Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Virgo Virgo Incense: Initiation & Invisibility

Sandalwood is here made resinous with dammar and heightened by lemony elemi and citrusy bergamot. This incense is good for initiation (Mercury is in charge of the acquisition of magical skills), invisibility, and parthenogensis. Element: Earth. Tarot Trump: The Hermit. Typical deities: Attis, Ceres, Adonis. Representative animals: Virgin, Hermit, any solitary person or animal. Plants: Snowdrop, lily, narcissus. Top

Virgo Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Libra Libra Incense: Justice & Balance

Galbanum smells Earthy when raw but is wonderfully Airy when burned. Here we combine it with balsamic deerstongue, fiery tobacco, and resinous dammar. Libra Incense is good for working toward justice and achieving balance. This sign is ruled by Venus. Element: Air. Tarot Trump: Justice. Typical Deity: Vulcan. Animal: Elephant. Plant: Aloe. Top

Libra Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Scorpio Scorpio Incense: Necromancy

The sweet myrrh that is opoponax is made more balsamic with benzoin and glorified with labdanum to aid in works of necromancy. Ruled by Mars. Element: Water. Tarot Trump: Death. Typical deity: Mars. Animals: Scorpion, Beetles, Crayfish, Lobster, Wolf. Plants: Cactus, Nettles. Top

Scorpio Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Sagittarius Sagittarius Incense: Shapeshifting

The glorious scents of nutmeg and cedar are lifted with rare aloeswood and more to create an incense helpful in shapeshifting. Ruled by Jupiter. Element: Fire. Tarot Trump: Temperance. Typical deity: Diana the Archer. Animals: Centaur, Horse, Hippogriff, Dog. Plant: Rush. Top

Sagittarius Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Capricorn Capricorn Incense: Sabbat & Evil Eye

Pleasantly funky musk seed, clean cypress, warm costus, and balsamic benzoin combine in this incense for aiding travel to the Sabbat and working for or against the Evil Eye. Ruled by Saturn. Element: Earth. Tarot Trump: The Devil. Typical deities: Pan, Bacchus, Vesta. Animals: Goat, Ass. Plants: Hemp, Orchis, Thistle. Top

Capricorn Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Aries Aquarius Incense: Astrology

Mysterious opoponax, penetrating galangal, and funky/floral spikenard are lifted by galbanum in an incense for aiding astrological works. Ruled by Saturn. Element: Air. Tarot Trump: The Star. Typical deity: Juno. Animals: Man, Eagle, Peacock. Plants: Olive, Coconut. Top

Aquarius Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Pisces Pisces Incense: Bewitchment & Illusions

The mild Fire of olibanum, rosy storax, and our own vegetal ambergris go into this Watery incense dedicated to bewitchment and creating illusions. Ruled by Jupiter. Element: Water. Tarot Trump: The Moon. Typical deity: Neptune. Animals: Fish, Dolphin. Plants: Cells, Opium Poppy. Top

Pisces Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Zodiacal Incenses Set
Complete Set of Twelve
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