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Alchemy Works Seeds for Magick Herbs

Black mandrake root in jarBeginning Sept. 4, 2019, I will be offering classes in growing, cultivating, harvest, and using various baneful herbs. Check it out

The very best way to develop your wortcunning (knowledge of plants) is to create a witch's garden where you grow your own magick herbs. These are seeds of plants that Pagans and witches of all kinds use and learn from (and lots of regular folks love too!). Some are very friendly herbs; others are aloof, and the baneful herbs can be dangerous to us apes. But all have something to teach us. Seeds are listed here in alphabetical order by common name; throughout the site, seed pages are linked to each other in alphabetical order by botanical name. You can also try the search engine for help in finding seeds by their various common names or uses. Each seed also links back to the ruling planet or Element (in pre-modern times, everyone, not just witches or mages, could identify the known planets in the night sky, so this was a handy way to organize magickal uses). Planetary correspondences allow you to judge more easily which spiritual entities to associate with a particular plant and which plants are best for what sort of work, be it in terms of traditional witchcraft, Wiccan, hedgewitch, ritual magick, Pagan worship, or just plain old enjoyment. I sell no genetically modified seeds, and most are open-pollinated, which means you can save seeds from the plants you grow and they will come true.<a href="online_classes.html">Check it out</a><br> Shipping for seeds in the US is a flat rate of $5.95 no matter how many seed packets you buy and includes tracking. No orders whatsoever to Israel (customs seizures); seed orders to Australia and NZ are usually seized by your customs department, so don't waste your money. Looking for a seed you can't find? Just ask.  And check out my new book: The Witching Herbs

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Alkanet, Common (Venus)

Angelica (Venus)  

Angelica, Wild (Venus) NEW

Anise Hyssop (Mercury)

Apple of Peru, Splash of Cream (Saturn)

Artichoke Thistle (Mars)

Astral Herbs Collection



Baby's Breath (Venus)

Basil: Organic Genovese & Amethyst Deep Purple (Mars)

Bee Balm (Air)

Belladonna (Saturn)

Bergamot, Wild (Venus)

Betony (Mercury)

Black Coneflower (Pluto) 

Black Cornflower (Earth)

Black Dianthus (Mercury)

Black-Eyed Susan, Showy (Sun)

Black Flowers Collection

Black Flowers (All)

Black Henbane (Saturn)

Black Hollyhock (Venus)

Black Knight Sweet Pea

Black Mandrake (Saturn)

Black Mourning Bride (Mercury)

Black Nasturtium (Fire) 

Black Nightshade (Saturn)

Black Pansy (Pluto) 

Black Peony poppy (Moon)

Blackthorn Saturn)

Black-seeded poppy (Moon)

Black Viola (Pluto) 

Blue Sage (Jupiter)

Bog Myrtle (Venus)

Boneset Saturn)

Borage (Jupiter)

Broom, Witch's  (Air)



Calamus (Sun)

California poppy (Mercury)

Candytuft (Venus)

Cardinal Flower (Water)

Cardoon, Porto Spineless (Mars)

Catmint (Air)

Catnip, Organic (Venus) 

Cedar of Lebanon (Sun)  

Celandine, Greater (Sun)

Chamomile, German (Moon)

Chervil (Mercury)

Chinese lanterns, Giant (Venus)

Cilantro (Fire)

Cinquefoil (Venus)

Clary Sage (Moon)

Climbing Nightshade (Saturn)

Clove Pinks (Jupiter)

Cockscomb (Saturn)

Columbine  - Wild & Garden Types (Venus)

Coneflower, Black (Pluto)

Coreopsis,, Dyer's (Fire)

Cornflower, Black (Earth)

Corn poppy (Earth)

Cottage Garden Collection

Cowslip (Venus)

Cranesbill (Venus) NEW

Cumin (Mars)

Cypress, Italian (Saturn) 



Daisy, Michaelmas (Venus)

Deadly Nightshade (Saturn)

Desert Four O'Clock (Venus)

Desert Tea (Venus)

Devil's Bit (Venus)  

Dianthus, Black (Mercury)

Dill, Bouquet   (Mercury)

Dragonshead (Mercury)

Dragon Tree (Mars) 

Dye Plants Collection

Dyer's Broom (Jupiter)

Dyer's Chamomile (Jupiter)

Dyer's Coreopsis (Fire)



Elfwort (Mercury)

Elka/Crone Poppy (Moon)

Evening Primrose (Moon



Fennel, "Grosfruchtiger" variety (Mercury)

Feverfew - Regular and Gold-Leaf (Venus)

Flax (Venus)

Fleabane, Showy  (Fire)

Formosa Lily (Venus)

Four O'Clock, Desert (Venus)

Foxglove varieties (Saturn)



German Chamomile (Moon)

Gift Card

Goldenrod,Old Field  (Venus) NEW

Grave Flower Saturn)  NEW

Great Blue Lobelia (Venus)

Great Mullein (Saturn)

Great Red Poppy (Moon)

Greater Celandine (Sun)  

Greek Oregano Mars)  

Grey Sage (Jupiter)



Harebells (Mercury)

Heartsease (Venus)

Heather (Mercury) 

Helen's Flower (Jupiter)

Henbane - Black and Pallid (Saturn)

Henbane, White  (Saturn)

High Mallow (Moon)

Holly, English Mars)

Hollyhock, Black (Venus)

Hollyhock, Old-Fashioned   (Venus)

Hops   (Sun)

Hyssop (Jupiter)



Indigo (Saturn)

Italian Cypress (Saturn)



Jimsonweed (Venus)




Larkspur, Wild (Venus)

Lavender, Old English (Mercury)

Lemon Balm (Venus)

Lemon Mint (Venus/(Mars)) NEW

Lily of the Valley (Mercury)

Lily, Formosa (Venus)

Lobelia (Water)

Lobelia, Great Blue (Venus)

Lovage (Sun)

Love-in-a-Mist (Venus)

Love-Lies-Bleeding (Mars)



Mad-Dog Skullcap  Mercury)

Mallow, High (Moon)

Mallow, rose (Venus)

Mandrake, White (Saturn)

Mandrake, Black (Saturn)

Marigold, Mexican (Sun)

Marigold, Pot (Sun)

Marjoram, Wild (Mercury)

Masterwort   (Mars)

Meadowsweet (Venus)

Mexican marigold (Sun)

Michaelmas Daisy (Venus)

Milk Thistle (Mars)

Milkweed, Rose (Moon)

Monkshood (Saturn)

Moonflower Vine  (Moon)

Moon Garden Collection

Moonwort (Moon)

Morning glory (Neptune)

Motherwort (Venus)

Mourning Bride, Black (Mercury)

Mugwort (Venus)

Mullein, Great (Saturn)

Mustard (white) (Mars)

Myrtle (Venus)


Nasturtium, Black Velvet (Fire)

Native Wormwood (Jupiter) 

Nettle (Mars)

Nightshade, Black (Saturn)

Nightshade, Climbing (Saturn)

Nightshade, Deadly (Saturn)


Old Field Goldenrod (Venus)

Orach, "Aurora" (Moon)

 Oregano, Greek Mars)  



Pale Purple Coneflower (Venus)

Pallid Henbane (Saturn)

Parsley (Mercury)

Pasque Flower (Mars)

Passionflower (Venus)

Pennyroyal (Venus)

Pepperwort (Saturn)  

Petunia, Wild White (Saturn)

Petunia, Wild Violet (Saturn)  

Pimpernel, Scarlet (Mercury)

Pinks, Clove (Jupiter)

Pokeweed (Uranus)

Pomegranate, Dwarf (Venus)

Poppy. Black-seeded (Moon)

Poppy, Black Peony (Moon)

Poppy, California (Mercury)

Poppy, Corn (Earth)

Poppy, White-Seeded, Elka (Moon)

Pot Marigold (Sun)

Primrose, Evening (Moon)

Purple Foxglove (Saturn)

Purple Peony Poppy  (Moon)

Pyrethrum (Sun)


Queen of the Meadow Jupiter)




Rabbit Tobacco (Air)

Rose Mallow (Venus)

Rose milkweed (Moon)

Rose, Wild (Venus)

Rosemary (Mercury)

Rowan Tree (Mercury)

Rue (Mars)



Safflower Mars)

Sage, Clary (Moon)

Sage, Grey (Jupiter)

Sage, Organic (Earth)

Sage, White (Jupiter)

Scarlet pimpernel (Mercury)

Skullcap, Mad-Dog  Mercury)

Seed Collections

Self Heal (Venus)  

Shooting Star (Venus)

Smallage (Fire)

Soapwort (Venus)

Spearmint (Venus)

Starwort (Moon)

Sunflowers (Sun)

Swansdown poppy (Moon)

Sweet Alyssum (Air)

Sweet Pea 'Cupani' (Moon)

Sweet Pea "Black Knight" (Moon)

Sweetgum   (Jupiter) 

Sweetgrass (Air)



Tansy (Venus)

Thimbleweed (Saturn)

Tobacco, Wild (Mars)

Tobacco, Woodland (Saturn)

Toloache - White or lavender (Venus)

Tulip Poppy (Moon)

Turtlehead (Water)  



Valerian (Jupiter)

Vervain (Venus)

Viola, Black (Pluto)



Weld (Mars)

White Henbane  Saturn)

White Mandrake (Saturn)

White Sage (Jupiter)

White Sagewort   (Jupiter)

Wild Angelica (Venus)

Wild Bergamot (Venus)

Wild Columbine (Venus)

Wild Larkspur (Venus)

Wild Lettuce (Moon)

Wild Marjoram (Mercury)

Wild Mint (Air)

Wild Rose (Venus)

Wild Tobacco (Mars)

Wild Violet Petunia (Saturn)

Wild White Petunia (Saturn)

Witching Herbs Book

Witch's broom

Witch's Garden Collections - Now Five Collections

Woad (Saturn)

Wolfsbane (Saturn)

Woodland Germander  (Venus)

Woodland Tobacco (Saturn)

Wormwood (Mars) 

Wormwood, Native (Jupiter)



Yarrow   (Venus)

Yauhtli (Sun)

Yew, English (Saturn)

You can also see a special list with instructions of seeds that need a winter.

Nervous about using your credit card online? Order by phone (607)737-9250 from 10:00-6:00 Eastern time Monday-Thursday, 10:00-3:00 Eastern time Friday or use the shopping cart to figure your shipping and print or write out an order form you can mail in with credit-card info, money order, check, or even cash to Alchemy Works, 560 Mineral Spring Ave., #3-202,P awtucket, RI 02860. Top

Safe Seed Pledge: None of these seeds are chemically treated in any way, none are hybrids (so you can save seed from the plants you grow and expect that seed to produce the same plant in your conditions), none are patented, and none are genetically modified. Many are harvested from wild plants, which means they are rich in diversity: they will not germinate all at once, flower all at once, or be all the same height. They cost a bit more because most of them come from wholesalers who supply growers, so the germination is higher and the seeds are stronger than the by-the-pound stuff from wholesalers who supply highway beautification programs.   If you are looking for a particular seed for your Pagan garden, let me know and I will get it for you if possible. Top

Note to international customers.  Some countries have particularly fierce customs regulations and vigilant customs officers.  All mail going out of the US requires a customs label now; I put "Horticultural Seeds" and "Commercial Sample" as the contents. I cannot put false labels on any packages, so please don't ask me to. I cannot refund for shipments that are seized. Top