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Resina calendula flower 070710Calendula officinalis
Pot Marigold
When magickal texts refer to marigold, this is what they mean. Pot marigold, or calendula, is not at all related to the marigolds commonly grown in gardens, although it has been cultivated for hundreds of years. A native of Egypt, this Sun herb was introduced into the British Isles (which is why statements that it is sacred to the Druids are doubtful). It was a staple in medieval gardens there, and Europeans brought it to America. Colonists flavored "sallets" (cooked greens), soups, and oatmeal with calendula, and even made wine from it (petals are nice in quickbreads). Some say calendula builds psychic powers and induces prophetic dreams, but that seems like an odd job for a Sun herb. Sun magick is usually associated with protection and gaining wealth. For instance, in Europe, pot marigold flowers were scattered under the bed to protect the sleeper, and holding them protected the individual from plague and thieves. In the past in Europe, the flowers were strung and hung over doorways and windows for protection and were made into decorations for MayDay and Beltane.  Also as a Sun herb, pot marigold stengthens the heart and thus the spirits; according to Culpeper, this herb is ruled by Leo. He describes how its pungent, spicy flowers can be made into tea or broth and be "a comforter of the heart and spirits, and . . . expel any malignant or pestilential quality which might annoy them." Pot marigold also warms our hearts toward others, so that we can be compassionate to our fellow beings. In Hoodoo, calendula is combined with other herbs - galangal root (Low John), yellow dock, carnation, snake root, and bergamot - and together with Just Judge oil and a protection nail, put into a small purple or white cloth pouch that is carried for protection during court cases and legal matters. Another Hoodoo magickal item quite in keeping with typical Sun magick is Gambler's Gold Lucky Seven Hand Wash, which is a decoction of alfalfa, allspice, calendula, chamomile, cinnammon, coriopsis, and Irish moss. Strain and use to wash hands before playing games of chance. The pot marigold is October's flower and symbolizes endurance, which makes sense, since this flower blooms from April till frost. Top

Calendula flowersHerbology. Fresh or dried, only the orange flowers are used medicinally and are considered slightly cooling and drying.  A decoction of the flowers was drunk to bring smallpox to the surface. Pot marigold is astringent, antiseptic, mildly diaphoretic, anti-fungal (an extract kills even Aspergillus fungus), heals wounds, stimulates bile (the Doctrine of Signatures indicating that yellow flowers stimulate yellow bile), and helps regulate menstruation. A tea of fresh flowers is good for fending off a cold. The flowers can be dried whole for decoration and make a nice yellow dye for wool with an alum mordant. They can be used to color butter and cheese (or anything with fat--nice in soap), and an infusion of the petals makes a hair rinse that will lighten and brighten hair. The aromatic petals spread their gentle Sun warmth when added to a relaxing bath or added to dream pillows. This herb is also known as Caltha officinalis, golds, ruddes, Mary Gowles, marygold, summer's bride, and bride of the sun. Top

Calendula orange flowerHow to grow Pot Marigold: Barely cover the seeds to germinate in 14 days at room temperature. The best time to sow is in April, but you can sow in July for fall blooms or in fall for blooms in spring. Transplant to full sun and rich soil, planting 9"/22cm inches apart. It gets 12-18in/30-45cm tall. This annual will reseed when it's happy. Harvest flowers in the morning, after the dew has dried. Dry in a warm oven for 2-4 hours on pastry paper on a cookie sheet. General growing info. Top


Calendula officinalis
Pot Marigold "Resina"
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