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small galangal Galangal, Chewing John
Alpinia galanga

This Mars plant in the ginger family has a reddish brown root that tastes like ginger when cooked, although it is more subtle--gently warming, aromatic, and stimulant. It yields a pleasant tincture in alcohol smelling of camphor and ginger, and in some cultures, as in India, it is an ingredient in perfume (could go into an interesting Martial perfume). In Western Europe in the Middle Ages, the root was considered an aphrodisiac.  In Hoodoo, it is a help in court cases and is often combined with grains of Paradise to make protective wash. You can also make this magick herb into an incense by combining it 2:1 with white sandalwood . This herb is also known a s Galanga, China Root, India Root, East India Catarrh Root, Rhizoma Galangae, Gargaut, Colic Root, and Kaempferia Galanga.

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Organic galangal root, sliced
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells and Charms
Aphrodisiac/Sex Magic
Mars Herb

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