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Australian sandalwood growing in desert White Sandalwood
Santalum spicatum

Associated with Mercury rather than Venus, as red sandalwood is, the fragrant wood of this tree is one of the most beloved scents in the world and has long been used in the incense markets across many Asian countries. It is added to funeral pyres as a sign of a respect and used in Western magic in many ways. Although Alchemy Works used to carry Indian Sandalwood (Santalum alba), we can no longer find a trustworthy supplier of this over-harvested tree (currently listed as vulnerable to extinction). Instead, we now carry Santalum spicatum, which is ethically harvested from trees in Australia. This ultra-fine, camel-colored powder makes a great base for incense mixtures; it burns slowly and evenly. You can also add it to sachets because Mercury combines well with everything.
sandalwood powder
Our white sandalwood has a warm, sweet, and lightly woody fragrance. The powder can be easily mixed into magickal oils or used in other topical concoctions. This small, shrubby tree can grow in the desert and is drought- and salt-tolerant. It is hemiparasitic, meaning that although it carries out photosynthesis, this tree requires additional nutrients from the roots of other plants to survive. As a Mercurial herb, this resource sharing can be seen as a symbol of communication, or as parasitic trickery and thieving. We like to think of it as "both and..." just like the God of Boundaries who also has the role of bridging them.

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White Sandalwood Powder
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Rites of Death
Hermes Incense
Mercury Incense

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