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small pterocarpus engravingRed Sandalwood

This wood is devoted to both Venus and Jupiter (although some will even designate it Mars due to its red color even though it has no heat). Along with benzoin and rose, it is the perfume associated with Netzach in the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. Some like to use it as an incense for trancework or meditation. You can mix it with frankincense, dragonsblood, cinammon, a little red wine, and the dried flowers of the season to make an incense to honor Imbolc, but generally, if you are looking for a powder to make into incense, try white sandalwood.  Red sandalwood has little scent of its own, which makes it nice primarily for carrying very delicate scents or for coloring incense. Other names for this herb are santalinus, red saunders, or rubywood.

This herb is still popular in Ayurvedic medicine and has recently been shown to have analgesic properties. In the past it was used as a tonic and to color herbal tinctures. Handspinners dye wool with it, and it can color soap. One of the wood's constituents has been shown to work against tumors. Alcohol extracts of the heartwood of this tree have tranquilizing effects.  We have chips or powder.

Red sandalwood
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Venus & Jupiter Herb

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