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small boswellia carteriFrankincense
Boswellia carteri
The dried gummy resin of these trees is probably the most famous incense in the Western world. Associated with Fire and Sun, this fragrance is a good example of how Sun scents are warming and relaxing without being stupefying or restricting. Frankincense is good for spiritual development, centering oneself for meditation or other spiritual work, purifying areas of negative energy, and for finding the spiritual side of what appears to be a material matter. An immensely uplifting scent, some use it to clean chakras, especially the Third Eye. This regal fragrance wards off negative energies and bad intentions - it's an excellent smudge against negative magic - and is great for purification, whether of oneself or of one's magical tools. The fragrance is very relaxing and gives one a feeling of wholeness and wellness.

The perfume of frankincense has been used for spiritual purposes by many cultures over many thousand years, including for healing, cleansing, exorcism, self-blessing, to aid meditation, and as a holy offering to the Gods. In addition to being used as part of the mummification process, the Egyptians used frankincense to worship Ra, the God of the Sun. Frankincense was the preferred incense to honor many solar deities, including Babylonian Bael, Greek Apollo, and even Jesus Christ (whose birth coincides with the rebirth of the sun/winter solstice). We were surprised to find it was important in the Philistines' worship of the fish-god Dagon (we don't usually think of it as a Water scent). Practitioners of Ayurveda and traditional Chinese medicine have long used this frankincense for healing and purification (the essential oil has been shown to have antimicrobial activities). And this highly sought-after resin is also associated with magic connected to the fixed stars the Pleiades and is the perfume of the 13th lunar mansion. We find the scent to be useful at all levels of spiritual development.

Our frankincense, which is a good incense grade, is harvested in northern Somalia from the Boswellia carterii tree. Top

Frankincense resin
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Spiritual Development
Perfumes of the Sun
Honoring Solar Deities

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