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small boswellia carteriFrankincense
Boswellia carterii
The dried gummy resin of these trees is probably the most famous incense in the Western world. A Fire and Sun associated scent, it is good for spiritual development, centering oneself for meditation or other spiritual work, purifying areas of negative energy, and for finding the spiritual side of what appears to be a material matter.  Some use it to clean chakras, especially the Third Eye.  It is fabulous for smudging yourself, your animals, and your home when you are the target of negative magick. The fragrance is very relaxing and gives one a feeling of wholeness and wellness.  Our regular frankincense is a good incense grade harvested from the Boswellia carterii tree native to Arabia and Eastern Africa. It has the classic, churchy scent.Top

Frankincense resin
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Fire)
Sun Incense
Protection Spells

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