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The Three FatesIncense for The Fates
The Three Fates were honored in both ancient Greece and Rome. These beings portioned out the life of each human (and some say of the gods themselves). One spun the thread of life, one measured it, and the third, Atropos, cut it. In honor of her name, we included a very small amount of belladonna in this mix, which gets its Latin name, Atropa, from her, in accordance with its ability to cut off life. Offerings to the Fates (or Moirae) were usually made upon the birth of a child and typically included honey and wine, so we have incorporated both into this incense, as well as funereal cypress, Saturnian hemp seed, and black nightshade, all on a base of bitter myrrh. It was traditional to include a bit of wool for a girl child and some bread for a boy in these offerings, so you might want to add a tiny bit of one or the other depending on what you using this incense for. Because the Fates were pictured by the ancients as old women (probably since they represented a much older force than the Olympian gods), we consider that this incense is also appropriate for Crone work. We also like the idea that something connected to newborns ties to some of the oldest deities and to the concept of the Crone. But no matter what you use it for, make sure you burn it only in a well ventilated area.

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The Fates Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring the Fates
Crone Work


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