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Generosity incense burning Generosity Incense
This rich incense blend was inspired by an unforgettable Winter Solstice morning during our stay in a rural fishing village on Siquijor, a small island in the Philippines known for its pre-European magical history. With morning's first light, a lavish cacophony of noise and scent arose all around us, and as daylight grew, so did the dawn chorus—a song of turkeys, chickens, donkeys, cows, cicadas, and others, all boisterously celebrating life's luxurious abundance made manifest in the rising Sun's light and warmth. Recalling the gift of that magical morning, we spent the dark period leading up to Winter Solstice in 2020–a time of pandemic, isolation, and uncertainty–designing Generosity Incense, which calls forth our natural capacity for generosity, even during dark and fearful times.

In our view, generosity (as opposed to miserliness) is a fundamental underpinning to living well and realizing one's Great Work. When we experience an act of generosity, our perception can quickly and radically shift from scarcity to abundance. As we engage in acts of generosity, we cultivate this abundance, thus shifting our perception and experience over time. Our Generosity Incense seeks to both offer and evoke abundance. It can be used as an offering to a beloved deity, the ancestors, or to any representation that supports us in the process of fostering generosity and celebrating the fullness of our lives. Or use it it when you notice anxiety, fear, or a feeling of not-enoughness arising and want to cultivate non-fear, wisdom, and the ability to greet each day with song instead.

Hand-compounded from sandalwood, myrtle, calendula, frankincense, cardamom, Peru balsam, dragonsblood, and other ingredients, Generosity Incense is good for developing generosity, strengthening and warming the heart, protecting and uplifting the spirit, and cultivating abundance. It is meant to celebrate and connect us with the natural generosity constantly manifesting in all life.

Generosity Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Cultivating Generosity
Offering Practices
Inner Protection/Uplift
Solar Magic
Celebrating Winter Solstice

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