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Gnostic Mass Incense
This ritual is central in Thelemic magic. The incense symbolizes the sephira of Tiphareth on the Kabbalistic Tree of Life. That sephirah is ruled by the Sun, though in the Gnostic Mass, much of the Solar power of the Beast is tempered and/or inflamed by his consort Babalon. Thus, we have combined elements of Solar, high mass resins with more primal, Venusian scents that would please the Scarlet Woman. Thus, elements of a somewhat traditional church incense are combined with rose, the flower of Venus and divine wisdom. No synthetics have been used, only high-quality resins and essential oils, allowing the beauty and power of Frankincense, Myrrh, Cloves and Rose to honor the ritual, bringing sensuality and mystery in equal measure. Honey and wine have been added, to sweeten and intoxify as well. An ideal incense for any ritual that focuses on divine union or theurgic ecstasy.

Gnostic Mass Incense
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Uses  in Witchcraft & Magic:

Celebrating the Gnostic Mass
Purification & Consecration
Honoring Feminine Wisdom

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