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Green Dragon Incense Green Dragon Incense
Every year we create a special incense using the evergreens that decorate our home during the Yule season (usually some blessed trimmings of Spruce, Cedar and other conifers from the New England woods, harvested with a consecrated blade). Green Dragon is the product of this personal formula, with deep notes of balsam fir and clove commingling with higher registers of frankincense, rue, and white pine. As a potpourri it carries hints of evergreen and citrus, but once it touches a hot charcoal it transforms into thick, draconic smokiness hearkening to a campfire ritual among tall trees.

It is designed to be a general-purpose incense with a kick—giving a charged boost of energy when spirits are low, when one needs to improvise a spell on the fly, when a stale-feeling ritual space needs a recharge, or when one needs to meditate more intently and for longer. Its many Fire and Sun-aligned ingredients allow it to double as an active protection incense when necessary, as well as an offering to certain spirits and deities. Every batch is hand ground with some of the aforementioned blessed trimmings.

Green Dragon Incense
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