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Cinnamon engravingTrue Cinnamon
Cinnamomum zeylanicum

Real cinnamon, not cassia! Also known as Ceylon Cinnamon, this is a favorite herb in North America and in much of the rest of the world. Cinnamon is a great Sun herb, showing that planet's influence in its gentle warmth and mild stimulation (in contrast to the more speedy Fire or hotter Mars ). Cinnamon is good for protection and for prosperity magick (for a prosperity simmering pot pourri, combine cinammon with cardamom, cloves, whole nutmegs, and ginger). Because it's often identified as a Fire herb, cinammon is frequently a part of love/sex magick. In terms of its scent, it mixes well with other Sun herbs like labdanum, cedar, and olibanum, which you can combine in incense or grind and macerate in jojoba or oil (sunflower is a good choice). For a plain cinnamon incense, combine it 2:1 with red sandalwood, or for a bat's blood incense, mix it with dragon's blood resin and myrrh with a touch of indigo powder. Top

Medicinal Uses
In traditional medicine, true cinnamon is used for respitory, digestive and gynaecological ailments. It was first referenced in a Chinese medical text dating from around 2800 BCE. Cinnamon has been used by various cultures to treat numerous ailements for centuries. Present-day medical research is finally catching up and recent studies have shown that true cinnamon can lower cholesterol, reduce blood pressure, improve insulin function in type II diabetes, prevent inflammation, and even boost memory!  Top

Non-Magickal Uses
Cinnamon is a great anti-fungal, anti-bacterial herb and makes a nice non-toxic bug repellent sprinkled in the kitchen cabinets (in large amounts it even keeps away fire ants as long as it is freshly applied around their mounds). It's great for the digestion and can also help to regulate the female hormonal cycle. Delicious in coffee or cocoa--the smell of cinnamon alone has been shown to improve cognitive function, making it a natural addition to your daily pick-me-up! This cinnamon is nice and strong.   Top

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Prosperity Spells
Love/Sex Magic
Sun Herb

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