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Socotran Dragon TreeDragon's Blood Resin
Dracaena and Daemonorops species
Dragon's blood resin has several different sources, including the resin of the red berries of the rattan palm tree in the genus Calamus (formerly Daemonorops) and the bright garnet-red resin exuded from wounds to the trunk or branches of trees and shrubs in the Dracaena genus. Both types are associated with Mars and with Fire. Socotran Dragon's Blood PowderIn addition to its use as a pigment and dye, dragon's blood is often used as a potentiator for magical work. It is excellent for the traditional Mars task of protection and was used historically for healing wounds and to stop bleeding--both Martial tasks.

Our museum quality Socotran dragon's blood powder is extracted from the resin (sap) of the dragon tree, Dracaena cinnabari (formerly Pterocarpus draco), which looks like it is bleeding when cut. A deep and full blood red, this Socotran dragon's blood makes a beautiful dye or ink. We use it to color several of our incense blends, as well as our Dragon's Blood Ink, and Dragon's Blood Oil. It also, of course, provides a wonderful fragrance when burned.

Our Sumatran dragon's bloodSumatran Blood Palm Fruit chunks are obtained from the red resin that seeps from the scales of the unripe fruit of the Indonesian dragon's blood palm, Calamus draco (Daemonorops draco), known also as rattan palm. Sold in chunks, this dragon's blood has slightly more orange hues but is still a full, rich red. It can be burned directly on an incense burner or ground into a powder and added into other blends. It, too, has a wonderful aroma and we use it in several of our incenses, including Generosity Incense, where its protective and healing qualities are channeled inward.

Because of the higher quality, you will find that both types of these premium dragon's blood varieties generally go much farther than the rough varieties commonly available (many of which contain synthetic ingredients) and that they smell much better.Sumatran Resin Chunks Upon heating, dragon's blood melts and turns black, giving off less smoke than the inexpensive stuff. Our Socotran dragon's blood has a more fruity and less resinous smell, whereas the Sumatran variety is strongly herbal and somewhat spicy. Like any all-natural dragon's blood, neither variety has much of a smell raw, although we do find they develop a nice delicate smell when tinctured in alcohol (keep in mind, though, that this is a substantive dye, so it will stain). If you want to make your own dragon's blood incense, this is a vital component. 10 grams of the powder can color about 4 ounces of incense material.

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Socotran Dragon's Blood Powder
Dracaena cinnabari (Dragon Tree)
10 g $15.50

Sumatran Dragon's Blood Chunks
Calamus draco (Dragon's Blood Palm)
10 g $12.50

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Elemental Magic (Fire)
Mars Incense
Protection Spells
Money-drawing Spells
Magickal Ink/Dye

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