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small nice myrrh engraving Myrrh
Commophora myrrha
Considering the plant's shape and the fact that its gum resin has been used as a drying stimulant, it is easy to place this incense in Mars. The thorns of the tree represent the grief of loss as well as the resin's ability to protect and heal. This is an excellent incense to help with loss, whether it be that of a loved one or a great injury (and thus loss of safety) done to one's heart, spirit, or body. It brings Martial protection to the injured and is wonderful for all sorts of purification. In the Kabbalah, it is associated with Binah, and it connects with Crone energy and thus the Underworld and the Abyss.

Kenyan myrrh large pieces
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Emotional & Spiritual Healing
Connecting to the Underworld or the Abyss
Mars Incense

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