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Magdalene approaching the tombMary Magdalene Incense
I put this incense together originally as a kind of "other half" to my very Sun-oriented Homestyle Church incense, but I came to see that actually it has little relationship to it, and since I have long rejected binaries, I decided to give this incense its own page. Many consider Mary Magdalene to be as much of a teacher and prophet as Jesus was. I was struck by the similarities between her image and that of the prophet Miriam, who like Mary Magdalene is traditionally associated with myrrh, the resin of death and of the psychopomp. But unlike Miriam, Mary Magdalene also has a role as one who initiates devotees into mysteries. This incense honors her by incorporating sweet myrrh, benzoin, amber, storax, cinnamon, and clove--there is the balsamic, a soothing scent group often connected with the feminine, but there is also spice, for the fire of epiphany, and of course sweet myrrh, the resin of death and conversely, immortality. Try it for works involving initiation, the acquisition of secrets, connection with the divine feminine, and for guidance to the Underworld. If you need an equivalent oil for your work, try Magdalene Intiatrix. Top

Mary Magdalene Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Occult Knowledge
Goddess Work

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