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New MoonNew Moon Incense
I took a different approach to the New Moon with this incense. In gardening, the New Moon is a time when you don't plant, cultivate, or harvest. You leave the garden alone. But that makes it the perfect time to take stock--to see what you have and where you are going, to ruminate over what you would like to do next and the possible future of your garden. You can page through seed catalogs or draw up possible garden plans. It's a fallow time but not an empty time. Without it, gardeners would never have the opportunity to rest and carefully examine the whole of their work. So at that time the Moon appears to be black, but it's not absent. That's what I wanted to do with this incense--have it help with those times when a sort of withdrawal and taking stock is called for. The actual New Moon is a good time for this, since it's usually counseled that we not take any particular action during its dark phase (except for dark magic, perhaps, but I already have plenty of dark magic incense). I constructed this incense along the lines of a kyphi, which has very good effects on meditation. That means that in addition to New Moon appropriate ingredients like opoponax and fir balsam and black currants, I added red wine and honey. These will bring out the sweetness of the opoponax and add a pleasant smoke. So enjoy New Moon time as a different kind of productivity--an occasion for meditation, planning, and rumination.

New Moon Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Taking Stock

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