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Cistus ladanifer
This resin comes from an evergreen shrub that grows in Spain and is harvested with a leather rake.  Labdanum is much waxier than most resins, so it never completely solidifies but instead remains a very sticky, tarry substance (which is why I have put it up in little brown jars).  Also called Incense of the Black Sun, labdanum corresponds to onycha in various recipes.  It makes a good fixative for perfumes with a woodsy or "masculine" scent and is considered an excellent replacement for animal-obtained musk, especially when combined with oakmoss and patchouli, and is a regular component in vegetable substitutes for ambergris. Labdanum's soothing scent is warm but not hot, flowery but not too sweet, sedating and uplifting mood at the same time. A little goes a long way, and it keeps its scent a long time, too. It is associated with Sun, Moon, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Neptune, Scorpio, Cancer, and The Chariot, but to my mind, the best fit is Sun. This is truly a glorious smell! Top

You can make working with this resin easier by pouring some onto a piece of waxed paper and putting it in the freezer. It will harden up so you can remove it easily from the waxed paper and quickly roll it into a ball. Or you can make it runnier and thus easier to mix with other ingredients by warming it slightly (but remember, this stuff is flammable). You can get it off your hands with Orange Goop or Lava. You can remove it from glass with oil or orange solvent. Top


Labdanum resin
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Uses in Magic & Witchcraft:

Money Spells
Protection Spells
Honoring Sun-Associated Deities
Sun Incense

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