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Styrax benzoin
The resin of this tree is Sun-associated (although some--including me--put it with Venus) and has been used for millenia as an incense in a number of cultures. Benzoin is calming, soothing, and restores confidence for the Work. This resin is good for purification and works well with other scents and influences, especially as a preservative. On the Kabbalistic Tree of Life, benzoin is the perfume of Netzach. Stimulating and aphrodisiac, it is an excellent ingredient in incense for love magick and was once a frequent ingredient in Eclectic medicine. I now have two types of this resin. As shown in the picture, I have top quality benzoin from Thailand in the form of "almonds." Thai or Siam benzoin has a highly Venus nature with a wonderful vanilla scent when raw and a very sweet, almost rose-like scent when burned. It actually comes from Laos, where it's an important cottage industry and harvested from cultivated trees. This resin is also known as gum benjamin, and many consider it to be the equivalent of "styrax" (which I personally consider to be storax).

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Thai (Siam) Benzoin
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Venus & Sun Incense