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Black ArtsBlack Arts Incense
A good old-fashioned name for an incense usually incoporated into work for hexing or making pacts with spirits, especially the traditionally infernal ones, Black Arts has a number of formulae, almost all of which are based on myrrh, probably due to its bitterness and its association with burial (embalmer's aid in ancient times). Although this is my own formulation, it is likewise based on myrrh. However, in addition, it's got such dark goodies as black nightshade, blackthorn, elder, graveyard dirt, black poppy seeds, datura, and belladonna, so make sure to burn this in a very well ventilated area. Unlike most of the other Black Arts incense out there, this contains no sawdust, "wood flour," dyes, or synthetic fragrances--just pure herbs and resins. Great for censing sigils or malefic instruments. If you can't curse someone with this, you aren't trying hard enough. :)

Black Arts Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Dark Arts

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