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Black Dragon IncenseBlack Dragon Incense
Designed to honor a chthonic spirit who opens the gates to forbidden wisdom, this incense is founded around opoponax, that most mysterious resin. Once thought to be poisonous, the scent of opoponax is a complex mix of bitter and sweet myrrh. The mythical poisonousness of opoponax as well as the veneficium of forbidden knowledge itself (the poison path) is realized in the addition of deadly belladonna (just a hint), which we consider to be the most complex of the baneful herbs. Earthy, woody vetiver root combines with patchouli and galbanum, the scent of fresh soil, to represent the rootedness of the dragon. The Fire aspect of the dragon, the quintessential chthonic animal and creature of transformation, is here figured in the addition of sweet fir needles and cypress, the wood of the dead. This incense is excellent for honoring any chthonic spirit, especially when the acquisition of knowledge is involved, and is perfect for working with Belial and other entities mentioned in the grimoires.

Black Dragon Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Chthonic Spirits
Working with Belial
Underworld Work

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