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Black Mass IncenseBlack Mass Incense
In his 1891 Decadent novel La Bas, J-K Huysmans described a black mass of his time--he had personal experience with them--and gave the ingredients of the incense used: rue, henbane, datura, and myrrh. We have modified this only by using opoponax as well as myrrh because in another of his works, Huysmans claimed it to be poisonous. It isn't, but it is certainly rarer. It is a myrrh sibling botanically (sometimes called "sweet myrrh" in contrast to common "bitter myrrh") and magically is usually considered the higher octave of myrrh. This incense is perfect for honoring abyssal forces and infernal delights.

Black Mass Incense
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Satanas
Celebrating Alternative Masses
Demonic Work

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