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Vetiver chopped Vetiver root
Vetiveria zizanioides

The roots of this Earth plant are ground and added to incense mixtures to give them an earthy, sensual scent. Vetiver is uplifting and helps maintain emotional calm, especially when flashbacks are experienced (its essential oil is called the Oil of Tranquility). This magick herb is sometimes helpful in processing grief and promotes restful sleep and calm dreams. It is said to help in overcoming negative or fallow times as well. This protective herb is sometimes used magickally to promote love, especially between gay people (shows some Mercury here). In accordance with Mercury/Hermes being the patron of merchants and thieves, vetiver is added to charms to attract money and repel thieves (some businesspeople keep a bit in the cash register).  

Non-Magickal Uses

The fibers of this relative of lemongrass are often woven into sleeping mats that release their cooling scent when slept on. Rats and bugs hate the smell, so it makes a great sachet, keeping away moths and adding a scent to clothes that is pleasing to humans. In soapmaking, it works as a fixative and is a nice alternative to orris root. Add it to fix Earth-centered pot pourris that include mosses, lichens, and nuts, or combine 1:1 with white sandalwood to make a vetiver incense. Sometimes associated with Capricorn, vetiver is also known as vertivert and khus khus.

Vetiver root
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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Protection Spells
Love Magic

Other aromatic roots: angelica, calamus, galangal, orris.

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