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Some Nice Links From Alchemy Works:

Please note that we are working to update this site and provide some new links... our apologies for any that are no longer active.

Anthony Teth's personal site where he shares occult ramblings and western esoterica: Anthony Teth's Site

Metaphysical artwork by Alchemy Works' founder (now retired to pursue his artwork, writing & teaching): Harold Roth's Site

Our planetary and elemental correspondence chart shows the associations between deities, signs, stones, plants, colors, times, animals, body parts, supernatural beings, scents, drugs, places, music, and type of magick

Witchvox A great informational site for witches, pagans, et al. You can locate individuals, groups, and brick-and-mortar shops near you

A wonderful collection of magickal texts--The Twilit Grotto

Aeclectic Tarot Forum - an active site with lots of forums on tarot, its history, doing readings, trading tarots, and study groups on specific decks

Northern Way has a great deal of information about north European (Norse/Gothic) paganism, including a number of excellent historical sources

Graphically beautiful page on shamanism - concentrates on a particular type of Amazonian shamanism but has links about shamanism in many cultures

The Internet Sacred Text Archive - free copies of all sorts of texts having to do with magic, folklore, Paganism, and lots more. The search function is really wonderful on this site.

Cornell's Witchcraft Library Online - texts from the 1500s-1800s: guides to witch-hunting (including Salem), articles arguing for and against the existence of witchcraft, written defenses by accused witches, John Dee's True and Faithful Relation, and more

Find out which plants grew in medieval gardens

Fabulous artisanal candles by Tio Freddy, including Hand of Glory

Plants for a Future - great British site with huge database of plants giving their usefulness; also lots of information about permaculture, planting perennials for food (instead of the traditional annuals and grasses)

USDA Plant Hardiness Zone Map

King's American Dispensatory
(the botanical medicine that was practiced in the US before the AMA took over)

Reliable  info on the constituents of several thousand plants by a knowledgeable ethnobotanist - you can search by use, chemical, or effect:
Dr. Duke's Phytochemical & Ethnobotanical Database

Seachable database with tons of entries on the various ways Native Americans have used North American plants - The Native American Ethnobotany Database

Poisonous Plants of North Carolina is the most balanced plant toxicity site I have found on the net. Honest, dependable summations of the toxicities of various plants from the botanists at North Carolina State University. All of the plants on the site grow outside of NC and most are found all over the US.

The AntiCraft: just say no to Bunnies of Light crafting. This site has the best knitting and crochet patterns I have ever seen. Check out the Toxic Tea Cosy with crocheted belladonna, the knitted shrunken head bag, or the Fetus Change Purse. Hilarious and cool.

Help out some feral cats