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Alchemical illustration Abramelin Incense
German RecipeThis incense is described in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage and is used for magickal work to contact one's Holy Guardian Angel. We craft it in two versions. Although the formulae are very different, they are both dominated by a balsamic (vanilla-like) fragrance. One is based on the German manuscripts.* This formula recommends equal parts of balsam, galbanum, and frankincense (not storax), with the proviso that if balsam is not available, other fragrant woods like cedar can be used. Over the years, many people have said they do not like the balsam, so we make it primarily with cedar instead. This is not so penetrating, but it is still pretty sticky.

French RecipeThe other version is based on the formula in S.L. MacGregor Mathers' translation of the French manuscript, which calls for 1 part olibanum, 1/2 part storax, and 1/4 part aloeswood (and failing that, it is recommended that cedar, rose, citron, or any other odoriferous wood be used). Early on, Harold was making this with aloeswood (or as Mathers calls it, lign aloes), but since we have not been able to get any at a reasonable price due to years of overharvesting, we decided to try some of the other possibilities mentioned. For an odoriferous wood, we use sandalwood, because it is indeed very fragrant, it is ruled by Mercury, the god of the knowledge of magic, and both in terms of scent and vibrationally it goes with the other two ingredients (olibanum and liquid storax) much better than cedar, citron, or rose do. We don't use storax wood, only the resin, which smells quite rosy and nice in an incense.

* Here is the actual German: "Nimm gleichviel Balsam, Gummi Galbanum und reinen Weihrauch, Kannst Du aber den Balsam nicht haben, so nimm Aloe oder Zeder oder sonst ein wohlriechendes Holz, mach alles zu einem reinen Pulver und mische es untereinander." For some reason, the new translation of Abramelin has "storax" as the translation of Weihrauch. There is no footnote in the new translation to explain why this word, which means "frankincense," is translated as storax here.

Two versions:

Abramelin Incense acc. to the French manuscripts
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Abramelin Incense acc. to the German manuscripts
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