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Abramelin Oil - French, German, and Crowley
Renaissance man drawing a magic square as in German AbramelinThis wonderful oil is used not only in the Abramelin operation outlined in The Sacred Magic of Abramelin the Mage (a months-long purification for readying oneself to communicate with one's angel and subsequently to compel demons) but is also made use of by magic workers of all kinds. Sorcerers incorporate it into pact-making, and witches and rootworkers utilize it logically enough for binding spells (often combined with dragon's blood oil), self-anointing or initiation, and communicating with all sorts of spirits. I can now can provide this oil in two versions. The first I call the French version because it's made according to the recipe in Mathers' translation of the French manuscript of the German grimoire of the 1400s: one part myrrh, two parts cinnamon, 1/2 part galangal, and half the total weight in the best olive oil.  It is not made from essential oils but from large quills of cinnamon bark, tears of myrrh, and sliced galangal root.   Paris at the time of AbramelinThe second is made from the recipe in collected German manuscripts of book: 1 part myrrh, 2 parts cinnamon, and 1/2  part calamus. In both cases, the ingredients are ground and macerate for at least one month so that the oil takes up all the complexities of the herbs. The herbs are then allowed to settle out, leaving their scent in the oil, and the oil decanted into glass bottles with handy glass dropper. These historical versions of the oil are not as likely to burn one's skin as is the modern Crowley version, which I now make. That is more expensive because there is a high proportion of relatively expensive essential oils (myrrh especially so). It is composed of cinnamon, galangal, and myrrh essential oils with olive oil; the essential oil to carrier oil ratio is 2:1, which is much higher than perfume strength, which is 1:4 at the highest. Cinnamon essential oil does indeed burn the skin. I resisted making and selling this for many years on account of that, but so many people have asked that I have decided to go ahead and make it. It is the very best quality essential oils I can find. Top

Now, THREE versions:

French Oil of Abramelin (with galangal)
1/4 oz. $15.00


German Oil of Abramelin (with calamus)
1/4 oz. $15.00

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Crowley's Oil of Abramelin
5 ml $20.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Abramelin Operation
Binding Spells
Communicating with Spirits

Using Magic Oils

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