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Sperm Whale BreachingFaux Ambergris Oil
Magically, ambergris is associated with the Sun, with kingly aspects of the divine, such as Jupiter, or with ineffable aspects, like Kether on the Tree of Life. However, some practitioners use it for prophetic dreaming, and it is also a classic aphrodisiac and aide in love magick. Although this oil does not smell watery, because of the ingredients and references it can be helpful in water magic. Like our (faux) Ambergris Incense, this is a warm, rich, lasting scent that evokes a feeling of well-being.

This oil includes rose, labdanum, various balsamic ingredients (like tonka bean), earthy scents like vetiver, and a touch of natural sea scents like seaweed. These are ripened for a few weeks in fractionated coconut oil. Lots of other shops sell "ambers" that consist entirely of chemicals; there are no synthetic ingredients whatsoever in this or any of our products, so you can use them without worry.

True ambergris is secreted by the bile ducts of sperm whales. Its value in the perfume industry (as a fixative and for its musky scent) contributed to the killing of tens of thousands of whales each year during the height of the whaling industry. Though chunks of ambergris sometimes wash up on shore or are harvested from already-dead whales, its possession and trade were made illegal in the US as part of the Endangered Species Act. As witches and nature lovers, we believe that it is crucial to honor and preserve the varied and magnificent forms of life that reside with us on this planet. Though we regularly assert the importance of the quality of one’s ingredients for magickal work--which is why we eschew chemicals and synthetics--we also understand that there are instances that call for us to make substitutions. To our minds, these types of substitutions do not lessen the efficacy of one's magickal work. Rather, they allow us to engage in ritual practices in ways that reduce harm, foster our own integrity, and honor the interconnection of beings with joy.

If you’re interested in whales, this article is a fascinating glimpse into what many of us intuitively know--that whales are are highly intelligent and social creatures able to communicate and share knowledge, including information about the tactics and strategies of past human whaling practices that led to a significant decline in kills over a short period of time.

Faux Ambergris Oil
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