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Faux Ambergris OilFaux Ambergris Oil
After some work, I have finally developed a magic oil that smells as good as my faux ambergris solid. This is a warm, rich, lasting scent that evokes a feeling of well-being. Magically, ambergris is associated with the Sun, with kingly aspects of the divine, such as Jupiter, or with ineffable aspects, like Kether on the Tree of Life. However, some practicioners use it for prophetic dreaming, and it is also a classic aphrodisiac and aide in love magick. Although it does not smell watery, because of the ingredients and references, it can be helpful in water magic.

This oil includes beeswax, rose, labdanum, various balsamic ingredients (like tonka bean), earthy scents like vetiver, and a touch of natural sea scents like seaweed. These are ripened for a few weeks in golden jojoba. Lots of other shops sell "ambers" that consist entirely of chemicals; there are no synthetic ingredients whatsoever in this or any of my products, so you can use it without worry.

Faux Ambergris Oil
1/4 oz (2 drams = 7.5 ml) $15.00

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Love Magic
Water Magic

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