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Golden Dawn Style Angelic Oils
I made these oils after several customer requests for magic oils to match the Golden Dawn-Style Angelic incense I have sold for some years. The Golden Dawn attributions for the Four Archangels are different from those given in the Talmud, Picatrix, or other Renaissance magical texts. However, these are the associations that are popular in Western magic, so I have worked with them. These are match the incenses in terms of scent and like all my magic oils, are compounded of all natural materials. Choose from Raphael, Gabriel, Michael, Uriel, or all four.

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Archangel Raphael Magic OilRaphael, whose name means "healed by God," is often called upon in magical work focused on healing. He cured Tobit of his blindness, but he also showed a strongly protective aspect in the story where he protected Tobit's daughter from the demon Asmodeus. He bound that demon and buried him in a hole in the desert. There is another desert connection with Raphael in the Book of Enoch, where he is described as binding Azazel--the desert-dwelling demon to whom the ancient Hebrews sacrificed a goat every year. For the GD, Raphael's attributions are: direction: East, color: yellow, and Element: Air. This oil combines typically Airy scents like sweet fennel, lemongrass, angelica, elemi, and more. Top

Archangel Raphael Oil
1/4 oz (2 drams/7.5 ml)



Archangel Gabriel Magic OilGabriel, whose name means "master for God" is the bringer of news (and sometimes is the Angel of Death). The Marseilles tarot card Judgement depicts Gabriel blowing on his trumpe to announce Armageddon and the resurrection of the dead. In the Golden Dawn system, Gabriel's attributions are: direction: West, color: Blue, and he is Elemental Water. I focused on watery, cold scents for this oil: camphor, violet leaf, storax, and more. Top

Archangel Gabriel Oil
1/4 oz (2 drams/7.5 ml)



Archangel Michael Magic OilMichael, whose name means "God's likeness," led the hosts of Adonai Tzevaot (YHVH as a god of war associated with storms). Because of his warrior associations. Michael is the patron of contemporary soldiers as he was an intercessor for knights of the Middle Ages. Michael is excellent for protection. According to the Golden Dawn system, South is Michael's direction, he is garbed in blood red, and the Element of Fire belongs to him. His oil is warm with clove, cassia, and tobacco, but also bittered a little with myrrh, a most Martial resin. Top

Archangel Michael Oil
1/4 oz (2 drams/7.5 ml)



Archangel Uriel Magic OilUriel, whose name means "flame of God," is frequently depicted as carrying a sword of fire. We can consider him to be the guardian of sacred secrets or occult powers, since he kept Adam and Eve from re-entering the Garden of Eden once they became fully mortal. However, we also have to keep in mind that his name can mean "light of God," which to me says that as much as he guards sacred secrets, he can reveal it. In the Golden Dawn system, he is association with the direction is North, Black is his color, and as one would expect, he is Elemental Earth. This oil is Earthy with patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and more. Top

Archangel Uriel Oil
1/4 oz (2 drams/7.5 ml)



Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

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