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Golden Dawn Style Angelic Incense
This is incense for the four Archangels according to their Golden Dawn attributions, which differ from those given to them by older sources like the Talmud or Renaissance magical texts like Picatrix. Still, these attributions are commonly used in the occult world. These incenses are compounded by hand in a sanctified ritual space. Like all Alchemy Works incenses, they are comprised of all natural materials and contain no accelerants or fillers, so they need charcoal to burn. (You can also use an electric or candle incense warmer to release the scent without smoke.) Suffumigations include zingy, resinous Raphael, smooth, clean Gabriel, fiery, spicy Michael, and earthy Uriel. Each comes in a resealable tea tin. Alchemy Works also has magic oils for the Archangels.

RaphaelRaphael - ("healed by God") He is the healer who cured Tobit of his blindness and protected Tobit's daughter from the demon Asmodeus by binding him and burying him in a hole in the desert. In the Book of Enoch, Raphael also bound a demon - Azazel. Francis Barrett called Raphael the angel of science and medicine (you can see plenty of Mercury here). In the GD system, Raphael's direction is East, his color is yellow, and his Element is Air. To honor this angel, we combined Mercurial and Air herbs - sandarac resin, star anise, fennel, and elemi - to make a suffumigation that is both zingy and deeply resinous. Top

GabrielGabriel - ("master for God") He is usually seen as one who brings news (sometimes of death). For instance, on the Marseilles deck Tarot card Judgement, he is blowing his trumpet to announce the end of the world. His direction is West, his color is Blue, and his Element is Water. For Gabriel's incense, we selected Moon and Water herbs that are smooth and clean in scent - willow, white sandalwood, round cardamom, and clary sage. Top

MichaelMichael - ("God's likeness"). He was the captain of the hosts of YHVH Tzevaot (the Tetragrammaton's manifestation as war god). Michael is one of the patron angels of medieval knights and of modern-day warriors. His direction is South, his color martial Red, and his Element is Fire. Mars and Fire herbs are used to honor this angel - myrrh, cloves, cassia, and ginger. Top

UrielUriel - ("flame of God") He is often shown bearing a flaming sword. He guarded the entrance to the Garden of Eden, but consider that his name can also mean "light of God." His direction is North, his color Black, and his Element Earth. We used patchouli, oakmoss, vetiver, and palmarosa for his suffumigation. Top

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Golden Dawn Angelic Incenses
Four Angels - 4 oz. total
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Raphael (Air)

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Gabriel (Water)

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Michael (Fire)

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Uriel (Earth)

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