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Ambergris Incense
Intensely fragrant, this scent is usually associated with Jupiter or the Sun because it gives one a feeling of well being and expansiveness, but to me there is a lot of Venus in it. In the Kabbalah, it is the perfume associated with Kether, the First Sephirah. Ambergris is traditionally considered a powerful aphrodisiac (and indeed its fragrance is quite sensual, so it's good for love magic).  It is also used to increase psychic ability, especially divination through dreams. Jupiter in a French tapestryMy faux ambergris does not come from whales and contains nothing from a chemical refinery. I know for a fact that it's all natural, because I make it myself. Ambergris Incense is the choice if you want to add an ambergris to an incense or a pot pourri. It's composed of fossilized amber resin, benzoin, cypress, patchouli, vetiver, tonka beans, and more. Great to burn alone for totally natural decadence or for meditating on Kether. If you'd like to add the scent of my faux ambergris to a wax, try my faux ambergris oil.

If you are looking for amber that is the semi-fossilized resin of pine trees, click here. Please note that I am not interested in acquiring "real" ambergris, nor do I carry synthetic-soaked stuff called "amber" that usually comes in soapstone containers.

Faux Ambergris Incense
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Faux ambergris oil

Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Love Magic
Kabbalah Incense
Protection Spells
Incense of Jupiter & Sun

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