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Holiday Incense

Ritually hand-crafted incenses created for your holiday celebrations. These are designed to aid in ritual, meditation, and offering practices. More incenses and oils for the Wheel of the Year shall be coming soon.

Male and female witches up to no good, as usualHallows
Formerly called Samhain, Hallows is a limited-edition incense in honor of the various festivals which surround the third harvest. Composed of all sorts of herbs celebrating the dark of the year, the thinness of the veil between worlds, and our connection to the many things long dead. The ingredients of this incense change slightly each year, highlighting herbs that we have grown or wild-harvested during our witch walks. (We always leave an offering for whatever we harvest and take only a small amount, being sure to leave plenty behind for woodland creatures and the plants &/or fungi themselves). Ingredients include juniper berries, European vervain, pine needles, wormwood, patchouli, cypress, willow bark, myrrh, and more.

Hallows incense
1 oz. in tin $16.00

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Breughel's WinterYule
This hand-compounded incense is composed of Winter Solstice-themed herbs, mostly Old World classics like cedarwood, frankincense, mistletoe, cassia, and sage, combined with New England oak and white pine along with some citrus oils. A warming, fiery, evergreen-scented suffumigation in honor of the Sun's rebirth through the winter frosts.

Yule incense
1 oz. in tin $16.00

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Candle flameCandlemas
This Wheel-of-the-Year incense celebrates the festivals that fall halfway between Yule and the Spring Equinox on or around the start of February. Candlemas, Imbolc, St. Brigid's Day, Groundhog Day, and many others have their roots in winter celebrations of fire and purification, chasing away cold-weather doldrums and readying homes and hearths for the coming spring by cleansing and feasting with friends and kin. Frankincense, Olibanum, Colophony, and Cinnamon set the fiery stage, while Elemi brings gusts of sweet Mercurial air. Sacred Bdellium and Patchouli ground, while Lavender, Lemongrass, and more herbal allies complete this incense's olfactory bounty.

Candlemas incense
1 oz. in tin $16.50

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May Pole Roses and RibbonsMay Queen
Spring Festivals of Renewal, Purification, and Fertility, like May Day and Beltane, involve lots of fire, flowers, and bawdy dances. Thus Olibanum, Opoponax, Roses, Rose Hips, Cloves, Lavender, Turkey Tail Mushrooms, and more have been combined into a spicy floral bouquet to be burned in honor of the Queen of May and the the Greenwood's emerald transformation.

May Queen Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.00

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Swamp with MoonNemoralia
Named after the ancient August Holiday during which it was formulated, Nemoralia is designed to evoke an atmosphere of mystery and strength in honor of the Sacred Grove of Diana. As the Roman Empire expanded, more Goddesses were revered during the Nemoralia, such as Hekate and Artemis. Thus this incense is intended to also be used as a sacred offering throughout the year to these wild and mighty deities. Sandalwood, Fennel, Colophony, Damar, Spruce, White Pine and more wend their way through thick, evocative smoke dedicated to the Queen of Woods, Witchcraft, and Wild Things.

Nemoralia Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.00

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