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Hekate and her puppyHekate Incense
Customers asked for an incense to compliment the oil dedicated to this goddess, and here it is. The resins are opoponax, for that extra-dark quality that says Hecate to me, and myrrh, the bittersweet resin that is associated with the darker feminine aspects of the divine like Binah on the Tree of the Life. Blackthorn is here for its association with Saturn and its connection in Celtic ways with the deepening dark of the year (October 28-November 24). I included musk seed for its Earth connection to Saturn (giving that good dark underground sense), white willow because in ancient Greece it was sacred to Hecate. Agrippa tied pepperwort to Saturn, so that is here, a little blackberry to represent the black fruits of the dark of the year, some real European mandrake root, for obvious reasons, and more.

Hekate Incense
1 oz. in tin $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Working with Spirits
Journeying to the Underworld
Honoring Hecate as Guide

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