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Hekate incense in tin

Torchbearer Incense
This devotional incense honors Hekate, specifically aspects based upon her epithet of Dadouchos, or Torchbearer. This harkens to her known role as psychopomp to not only the souls of the recently departed, but also in Eleusinian tradition to Persephone, Queen of the Dead, on her journeys to and from the Tartarean realms. However, with this incense we also wished to highlight Hekate's brilliant, fiery, and occasionally volcanic inner nature, as the Witch Queen who wanders where she wishes, burning falsehoods in her wake, dancing from liminal space to liminal space amidst waves of sorcerous flame.

A common Latin refrain concerning Hekate during Roman times was the phrase Caelo Ereboque Potens, that is, "Mighty in Heaven and Hell." Thus, we've designed this incense to be a potent ally when communicating with underworld realms or denizens, when unseen machinations need be revealed, or when one requests the Lady of Sorcery's aid in spellwork or magical combat. Simultaneously, the suffumigant mixture itself contains enough celestially-aligned ingredients to double as pious offerings to the more philosophical and soteriological aspects of the triform Goddess, such as those hinted at within the Orphic Hymns and Chaldean Oracles.

Blessed olibanum and frankincense mingle with purified colophony in its resinous base. These are hand ground with Mercurial lavender, protective rue, sanctifying white sandalwood, light patchouli, myrrh oil and more, yielding a bright, potent, and purifying bouquet for all magical acts in honor of the light-bearing Goddess.

Torchbearer Incense
1 oz. in tin $16.75

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Honoring Hekate
Working with Spirits
Underworld Sciomancy
Fiery Guidance

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