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WisteriaWisteria Incense

I've had many requests for a wisteria incense to go with the saffron incense I make so that people can call up the magical watcher and create the magic mirror of Solomon. The problem with making a wisteria incense is that wisteria essential oil does not exist; all wisteria incense is made from fragrance oils, which are synthetic. I researched old formulations of wisteria perfumes made from natural ingredients. Basing prototypes on these, I experimented and managed to create a completely natural, non-synthetic wisteria scent. I then added this to incense containing actual wisteria as well as other ingredients to boost and support the scent: frankincense, Thai benzoin, copal, tonka bean, musk seed, and much more. It took quite a while to get this scent to work in an incense, since heat strongly affects fragrance materials, as you would expect. I think I have been successful with this creation. I hope this wisteria suffumigation serves you well in your Work. NOT A CONE INCENSE, WHICH IS MACHINE-MADE. THIS IS HANDMADE AND LOOSE.

Wisteria Incense
1 oz in tin $15.00

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Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Ceremonial Magic

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