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WisteriaWisteria Incense
We have had many requests for a wisteria incense to go with the saffron incense we make so that people can call up the magical watcher and create the magic mirror of Solomon. The problem with making a wisteria incense is that wisteria essential oil does not exist; all wisteria incense is made from fragrance oils, which are synthetic. Alchemy Works researched old formulations of wisteria perfumes made from natural ingredients. Basing prototypes on these, we experimented and managed to create a completely natural wisteria scent. This incense includes various ingredients, including frankincense, Thai benzoin, copal, tonka bean, musk seed, and much more. It took quite a while to get this scent to work in an incense, since heat strongly affects fragrance materials, as you would expect. We think we have been successful with this creation and hope this wisteria suffumigation serves you well in your Work.

As always, Wisteria Incense is ritually hand-compounded using only natural, botanical ingredients. It does not contain synthetic ingredients of any sort, nor does it contain fillers, extenders, or dyes.

Wisteria Incense
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Get some saffron incense to go with it

Uses in Witchcraft & Magic:

Ceremonial Magic

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